You had me at Bacon

First post. Talk about some flippin’ pressure.

So, I’ll start where any good person would start. With Bacon.

Like I mentioned in my About page, part of this blog is going to be about sharing recipes that friends of mine love and have requested AND recipes that I have found and just deserve to be shared. When I look at my shelves of cookbooks (really? can you ever have enough? It’s sick.) I see in front of me just an obscene amount of recipes yet to be discovered. I mean honestly, all of us really just need about 3 cookbooks and if we prepared every little thing in each one of those books, it would hold us over and keep us fed for a loooong time. BUT, we like lots of cookbooks and despite the amount and diversity that we have, it generally comes down to the same playlist of recipes that we loop over and over.  I’d like to be able to have some kind of culinary super-power that would allow me to wave my spatula (magic, of course) over a book and it would tell me which is worth making and which one to just skip over. That would save one big step in my day right there. If there’s one thing that is beyond annoying it’s finally (finally!) trying a new recipe and then having it flop or get the “it’s ok” comment. Shoot me now. So, here’s where I’ll come in. I’m going to share some of my good finds. Yes, I like to cook-from scratch. Yes, I am adventurous in the kitchen (no comment), and yes, I cook healthily.  But I am also a wife and a Mom with 2 young kids and our life is filled with activities, homework and the usual flurry of things that fill a life when those people are the main characters. This will not be complicated stuff but I can tell you that any recipe I offer up will be pretty, tasty, possibly requiring a bit more effort that you are used to but it will be worth it. Pinky swear.

So, back to the bacon.  I’m going to really ease into this and give you the world’s easiest, most screw-up-proof yet most make-them-drool and hover-around-the-platter recipe. I’m almost embarrassed to pass this off as a recipe but it’s a winner. Really. Actually, I hesitate to even call it a recipe because it calls for only two ingredients. Ok, 5 if you are counting the toothpicks, the baking sheet and the oven that it’s cooked in. And perfect timing with the Superbowl coming up. Offer this to your crowd and football will be  the second thing they remember about that Sunday night.

Bacon-Wrapped Dates. Yes. Dates.

People barely know where to find a date in the grocery store (near the raisins) let alone cook something with them. But they are surprisingly good. And sweet. And the perfect companion to a lovely piece of salty bacon that wants to wrap it’s lovely little self around it and smother it in love. It’s brilliant in it’s simplicity.


1 package of bacon. Look for the not-super-fatty pieces. I like the uncured Natural Bacon that Stop and Shop sells under the Nature’s Promise label. Who needs extra nitrates?

1 container of dates. Sunsweet work well. Save yourself a step and make sure to buy “pitted” or you are in for a sticky spell of removing those silly, skinny date pits.

Cut each bacon strip into 3 equal lengths. Wrap one of those newly cut pieces around your little date and skewer it with a toothpick.

The best part about this little recipe is that you can prepare it the day before. Stick these babies on a baking sheet (that has sides…ie. a jelly roll pan. Don’t want the fat dripping), cover with plastic wrap and then, when you need them, pop them under the broiler until the bacon sizzles, about 10 minutes or so.

The pound of bacon should make about 35 wrapped dates.

Grown men will swoon. Gals too.

( I promise, next time I’ll get to the recipe quicker)

26 thoughts on “You had me at Bacon

  1. Yep! Tried them (made by you, of course) and it’s awesome!! 🙂
    Try also the dates filled with cream cheese (I like it with mascarpone). Also yummy!

    Congrats on your blog April!!!

  2. April, this is perfect! I am hosting supper club this month & our “theme” is to cook Paleo (which is NOT how I eat…I am a carb girl…) but these look perfect & uber-easy. Congrats on the blog, have fun, I look forward to stealing recipes from you!!

    1. Great!! I forgot to mention…just be sure to remove the little nubby end (tiny part of the stem) from the date if it’s still there. It’s a little hard and wouldn’t be fun to hit. Enjoy your Paleo Supper Club night…bon appetit!

  3. Emma: Awesome job Mom!!!!
    I like bacon and the dates were really good! I like the pictures on the blog. You did a REALLY good job. I think you should put the banana foster or the devil’s food cupcakes on your blog!

    Lily:Awesome job Mom! Your blog is great! I think you should put the red velvet cake recipe in. Yummy!

    Both: WE LOVE YOU!!!! GREAT BLOG!!!!!

  4. You had ME at “About”. Love it already…I look forward to being addicted to you (as if I’m not already) and daily frosting…since I’m addicted to real frosting and anything else sugary 🙂 Congratulations!! I wish you all the best on your exciting new adventure.

  5. Yay, looks great, A! I am totally going to make these on Superbowl Sunday. Congrats on the the blog, it looks great!! xoxo

  6. Yum!! So great to have another delicious idea! So happy you have found this outlet! You are so creative in many ways, so thank you for sharing yourself with all of us!!

  7. Had these at Diane’s and they were amazing!!!! I think I will whip some up tomorrow for a girls night I am hosting. Perfect Paleo treat (which is how I eat 90% of the time) that people that are not Paleo will also enjoy. If you are interested, Diane (my S-I-L) has a Paleo cookbook that has some of the most amazing recipes for you to try. Let me know and I will have one sent to you.
    Blog is great, btw!!!

  8. Made these last night and they were a HUGE hit. Thanks so much, what a perfect appetizer recipe!! Will definitely make again. xoxo

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