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Smaller Can Actually Be Better…Fancy That

The first time I went to one of the local Farmer’s Market this season (yup, farmers have things in the winter, too), my first thought was “Good grief. This is small. Not much here”. A mindshift needs to happen, though and when it does, it’s a very good thing. Quality over quantity, baby. AND you are talking to THE farmer who grew these cute, fingerling potatoes. These potatoes didn’t spend days on a truck traveling from who-knows-where. They were grown in your very own state, quite possibly very near by. And by the guy or gal putting those potatoes in your lovely reusable bag. It’s like elementary-school-career-day all over again.

So many of us yap about food being fresh…uh, you can’t get any fresher than the farmer’s market, right? Yes, items cost more than they do at your superbig supermarket, but you are supporting a farmer. Directly. Your food is supremely fresh. And in many cases, it’s a lot more interesting than the regular ol’ vegetables that you get at the superbig supermarket, too.  White carrots? Purple potatoes? Yellow beets? I guarantee that if you serve purple potatoes at your next dinner, you will have your kids’ attention. What kid is going to turn away a potato….that’s PURPLE?

Yes, the winter farmer’s markets are decidedly slimmer than the rapturous growing season of the summer. Lots of potatoes, root vegetables, some greens. Last time I went, I bought several handfuls and made a delish chicken pot pie with carrots, celeriac, and purple potatoes (I have kids) for dinner. Lots of happy bellies that night, I can assure you. I’ll be happy to post the recipe if anyone is interested. Let me know!

Know what else a farmer’s market has going for it? Great breads, cheeses, jams, desserts. And Samples. Lots of them. Go try it. Take a slower approach to finding your food. Enjoy the process AND the final result. There’s satisfaction there.

Just Google Winter Farmer’s Market in your area and you will, no doubt, come up with a handful of choices.

Today’s pics were taken at the Westport Winter Farmer’s Market held at Gilbertie’s Herbs…Huckleberries Pastries, The Local Catch seafood and Savor Fine Foods were there and are delish~

…psst….a new recipe coming tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “Smaller Can Actually Be Better…Fancy That

  1. Love this blog post about the Farmers Market! I thought I was the only one in the world that still went to them during the winter! I have given my co-op up in exchange for my weekly visit to 3 different markets to see what surprises await me.

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