Size Does Matter

Well, I did it. My husband didn’t think I could and my kids questioned it heavily as well.

I have gone over an entire year without stepping foot in Walmart.

Where we live, there is actually a Walmart at the end of our road and over the past handful of years, I had frequented that store as many folks do. Kids party stuff, household stuff, arts and crafts stuff, sports stuff. You name it. We (I) ran in there and got it. But, I found myself becoming increasingly more annoyed with just going into the store…everything about it. The bright lights, he big-boxness of it, the “cheapness” of it, the mass-consumerism of it, the just-grab-it attitude. Yikes-even the smell of the place was starting to get under my skin. Add to that, I felt that virtually everything I bought in there (so cheap! what a deal!) either fell apart or worn out in seconds.

So, just after Christmas of 2010, I decided that I would “go local”. Or at least, more local. I had let my Costco membership lapse (kids were long out of diapers and I didn’t see myself needing 15 pomegranates or a gallon of mayonnaise anytime soon) and now I would add Walmart to my list. My husband looked at me sideways and my kids wondered where I would get all those last-minute items we always seem to need. And with it being at the very end of our street, how could you turn away that convenience?

Well, I did and here it is the beginning of 2012 and I still haven’t gone back in (with the one exception of having to return an item that my daughter received-I didn’t go beyond that return counter). In doing this,  I’ve started to make a more concerted effort to support the smaller, local businessmen and women in my city and surrounding towns.  Yes, I may be driving further than the end of my road for some things and in some cases even spending a bit more on some things, but I now think about what I’m purchasing more and I’ve found that I’m happier about those purchases. No matter how small, no matter how big, this non-Walmart life is agreeing with me.

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