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A Tale of Two Bottles

Before I launch into some good, pre-Valentine goodness, there are a couple things that I want to share. They are basic, inexpensive and completely effective. Good combo, isn’t it?

Have you ever heard of Everlasting Vanilla or Eternal Vanilla? This little trick is ridiculously easy, costs next to nil and can even be given as a sweet, little gift. Instead of buying (gasp) imitation vanilla or paying through the nose for some other real vanillas (which, when you bake a lot, disappears quickly)…you can make your own vanilla.

Yes, you actually can. All you need is a smallish bottle with a good top (think hot sauce bottles or soy sauce bottles), a handful of good, fresh vanilla beans (this really is your only cost in all of this) and a little jaunt to your liquor cabinet for some vodka, light rum or bourbon. Splice open the vanilla beans (I use about 6), slide them in the bottle, pour in the libation of your choice from the aforementioned options, take a swig for good luck, cap it, let it sit on your counter for at least 4-6 weeks and wah-lah, you have vanilla. The “everlasting” part in all of this is that whenever you use some vanilla, just top it off with more of the booze. You seriously can keep this bottle going for 20 years if you want and it will only get better. Can you beat that? In a word-no.

AND…the other bottle…You most likely have it in your kitchen cabinet. Time to move it to your bathroom cabinet, people.

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil.  I’ve been using it as a moisturizer, having read a fair amount about it’s benefits, and it works like a charm. Legs, arms, bod and especially the face. You want to put good things IN your body, right? Let’s put them ON our bodies, too. Why would you purposely put something on your skin that you want to have absorbed that isn’t perfectly natural and free of yuck, colors and chemicals? Added bonus, a bottle of great, organic extra-virgin olive oil is still only in the $7-14.00 range. Compare that to any of the department store moisturizers. You can’t beat it with a stick.

Go Organic with this one and you can feel 100% fab about what you are putting on your skin, you Goddess, you.

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