Good Finds

Bloomin’ Valentines!

“If I had a flower for every time I thought of you…I could walk through my garden forever”. -Alfred Lord Tennyson

That man was good. Those words certainly make me melt, I can you tell you that. But maybe instead of buying armloads of blooms for your love or some other celebratory occasion, go for something a little more demure this time around. Hightail it over to Whole Foods (they are everywhere) and scoop up one of these sweet bouquets, or Petite Bouquets as they are calling them. Even the name sounds cute. They should be paying me to advertise right now-talk about a plug. I found these recently and have been giving them away for all sorts of reasons. A thank you for my friend who shlepped tea all the way back from London for me. My daughter’s performance in a musical last month. They are completely adorable (probably about 8 inches across and 9 inches high), have lovely flowers in them and the price is right. Try that combination around Valentine’s Day. Yes, I will never turn away flowers, flowers and more flowers (I’m a gardener, you know) but sometimes something small and sweet speaks just as loudly and in as grand a fashion.

And here’s one more little argument for fresh flowers (as if there’s ever an argument. Just go buy them already). I was thumbing through Better Homes and Gardens mag at the dentist’s office recently and it said that women who saw fresh flowers as soon as they woke up were more optimistic, happy and energetic during the day. I get it. Blooms are so much better than the laundry basket. Or the yoga clothes that you wore yesterday. Or the stuff. So…buy yourself some gorgeous flowers or even just a single beautiful flower OR nag the hell out of your man to do it and wake up happy. Maybe he’ll even go so far as to place a perfect cup of coffee next to those flowers. A girl can dream, can’t she?

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