Good Finds

Rawr, I say…rawwwwrrr…

“We find rest in those we love, and we provide a resting place 
in ourselves for those who love us. ” ~ Saint Bernard of Clairvaux

This past Christmas, as my husband handed me one of my gifts, he prefaced the giving by saying something along the lines of “I hope you like this. It’s not something I set out to buy, but it struck me.”


For some women, that could either mean: 1. there will be some serious jumping for joy as something small and sparkly emerges from the box or 2. you are about to come face-to-face with an infomercial product that had been purchased at 2am.

Thankfully, I have been blessed! blessed! blessed! with one of those husbands who gives great gifts. He’s generous, a fabulous listener, hint-taker and creative gift giver. THANK GOD x 100 is all I have to say. So, back to this mystery gift. I slowly….hesitantly…unwrapped (even knowing that my husband comes up with good stuff, one can still be leary of a segue like the one he offered up)….a blanket. A blanket you say. Oh no…this is not some lap blanket for some ol’ lady….this was a (faux…must point that out) FUR blanket. With SILKY fleecy liner stuff on the flip side. It’s (faux) mink and the most gorgeous color and the most decadent feel you have ever laid your lovely little hand upon.

I have since become Linus.

I have been carrying this thing behind me from room to room for the past 6 weeks. It’s been on the couch. In front of the fire. Watched movies. Read books with me. Cuddled our cats. Our children. Of course, the hubby too.

So, in the interest of sharing something good with all of you for the upcoming holiday….get your fingers typing or scramble to the store and score a  “Luxe Faux Fur Throw”. They come in about 4 different “furs” and are even on sale right now. You will love it and your Valentine will too. There’s still a bit of winter left for some good ol’ canoodling. Don’t you just love that word?….canoodling….

4 thoughts on “Rawr, I say…rawwwwrrr…

  1. I hope you get a cut on every blanket sold at Restoration Hardware now! That is quite a sell! Even though I have countless blankets in my many closets, it makes me want to go grab one ASAP!!! Cheers.

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