You. Yes, You. Spread the love.

Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.
Lao Tzu

We are quickly closing in on Valentine’s Day. How can you tell, other than glancing at the calendar? Men everywhere are starting to sweat.

Let’s deviate from the finds and recipes and do something different for a spell. A little challenge of sorts. A get-in-the-swing-of-the-holiday thing. We all know that Valentine’s Day is a romantic day, but really, it’s just a Love Day.   All manner of earthly love-friends, lovers, companions-should be celebrated on February 14th.

We all know, too, that giving gifts is enjoyable.  And receiving them (especially if it’s like that Luxe Throw…oh, baby). When other small kids were nervous or wondering about the existence and/or logistics of Santa and the Easter Bunny, my mom used to say of me that Jack-the-Ripper himself could wander through our house but if he left me a gift, I was ok with that. Big, small, doesn’t matter. I love surprises. But back to this challenge. Let’s use tomorrow (the day before Valentine’s Day) as a giving-to-yourself day. To yourself? Whaaa? Let’s spread the love…plantonically, romantically, sassily, mightily…however you choose and do something for someone else that helps to make their day a little bit better. Or easier. Or happier. We are revisiting “put some frosting on your day”, but with a twist. This time, frost someone else’s day. Not with a traditional gift, but an act. The fabulous by-product of this fabulous frosting is that YOU will end up feeling good (your gift!). You give a gift and end up getting a gift. It’s win-win.

Some ideas:
-Remember the coffee on the nightstand first thing in the morning? Do it to whomever you are waking up next to.
-A note. A note, a lovely little note. Try it. When was the last time you did that since junior high school?
-Buy someone a flower. It’s the day before Valentine’s Day. Talk about surprise factor.
-Just make eye contact with someone when you are out and about during your day. Smile at them. They probably aren’t spooky or apt to scream at you when you do this. Pass along some kindness. The world needs more of it.
-When you go to Starbucks or Dunkins for your morning caffeine hit, surprise the pants off of the person behind you in line and pay for theirs (providing they aren’t getting drinks for their whole office). I’ve always wanted to try this but haven’t. Tomorrow may be my day. Think of how cool that would be if someone did it for you? You’d be on FB faster than you could say “Free Coffee”.
-Compliment someone. Find something good about someone else and let them know it. Everyone needs a shot in the arm sometimes.
-Use the phone to say hi to someone you know. This sounds ridiculous, but in our world of texting, emailing, skyping, an actual phone call is fast becoming extinct as a means of communication. Voices and laughs are much nicer and more satisfying than semi-colons and parenthesis.

So,there are a few ideas. Try one, try three. Come up with your own. Think about it today and do it tomorrow. I guarantee any act will be a good one.

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