Mighty Love

Love can never be taught for it is to be learned; love can never be bought for it is to be given; love can never be kept for it is to be free; love can never be old for it lives to last a lifetime.-

Paradise is always where love dwells-Jean Paul Richter

For starters, has anyone done today’s little challenge of spreading the love that I wrote about in yesterday’s post? I hope so. I’ll let you know tomorrow what I did and if you feel like you want to share what you did…fill in that little reply box at the bottom of the post. It would be great to hear what you all came up with. Curiosity is killing the cat over here!

One day until Valentine’s Day. You can feel the love in the air, can’t you? In my house, you certainly can. We threw a Valentine party this weekend for my daughter and her friends, she and I  just completed making Valentine’s for her class (crazy cute) and we even left our Christmas tree up so late that it has been now transformed into a Valentine Tree. I kid you not. It’s a great combination of being completely ridiculous and also totally adorable.

I saw an elderly couple interviewed this morning on the news who have been married for 75 years. Holy cow. 75 years. Mathematically, they had to have been teens when they married because they both still look awfully good for having been married this long. Coupled with the fact that they could give a decent interview and still have a sparkle in their eyes, I think we have something to learn from them. What was great about this particular couple was that the husband said that every morning they have been married, he has left a poem for his wife at the breakfast table. 75 years of poems (having been doing blog posts for just the past 13 days, I am in awe of that)! Is that completely wonderful or what? Talk about commitment! Talk about romance! Talk about a great breakfast! I would be curious to see if the poems chart their relationship…did he rhyme about last night’s fight? or that one of the kids threw up after the potluck that they all went to? or that the telephone bill is due? Either way, this man scores off-the-charts in the romance, creativity and dedication categories in my book. How can you not love him? I do hope that some publisher saw that interview this morning and gets the idea to turn their poems into a book. I’m sure it would be one of the sweetest page-turners ever.

Have any of you seen the movie  “The Notebook”? It’s one of my hands-down favorite movies ever. Coincidentally, it was also one of the books that I despised. Go figure. I read the book first…grabbed it one day, it was on the bestseller list for something like a zillion weeks, so I thought “let’s see what the hub-bub is about”. Since I am also a hopeless (hopeful) romantic, I bought it. Talk about disappointing. The book was such a snooze and so schlocky that I was actually irritated reading it. Somehow, I made it to the end and with good riddance. But then the movie came out. Frankly, after the experience with the book, I have no idea what made me want to see the movie. Guess the movie-trailer people worked their magic and I got sucked into it. My heart almost leaped out of my chest. It ached. It sang. I wanted to continue watching the story of this couple far after the credits rolled. Even my husband thought it was a good story (how often does that happen?). Since my first viewing, I’ve probably watched this movie about 20 times. It’s just the best love story. What a sucker I am. But then again, at the end of the day, who isn’t? Some may not say it, but who doesn’t want to find someone.. one person on this whole, crazy planet…who is completely and utterly divine for us?

Love. Love. Love. Grand stuff, indeed.

3 thoughts on “Mighty Love

  1. Didn’t read your advice but….. I prepared homemade chicken pot pie from your delicious recipe posts and it was a devine comfort dinner for our family of 5. It then became a comfort dinner for my parents who trecked home after spending the weekend in the hospital with my grandmother. I was thanked for the warm meal prepared times two! In the end your advice worked your way into our humble home last night. I sent my husband to work today with the remaining leftovers. Not to sound selfish but what was I thinking!

    Also, I too read the “The Notebook” and found it to be a beautiful love story. It ended up being a topic of conversation with my grandmother who I purchased it on tape for her. After chatting it up with her, I was able to relate it to her life and found what a true romatic book it was.

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