Your Seat in the Sky Awaits

Yes, great food can frost your day. A pair of jeans right out of the wash THAT FIT (sans Cirque de Soleil contortions) can also frost your day. A perfect cup of coffee (see yesterday’s post) can frost your day, too.  But, I have to say, laughter takes top ranking as far as I am concerned. The BIG laughs, the giggles, the silly laughs, the chuckles. The ga-faws. It all works to make a day better. SO much better. Frankly, there are those days when it is simply a good laugh that saves the day. We’ve all had them-you know those days. I’m amazed by that crazy statistic that says kids laugh 400 times a day and adults only laugh 15 times. 15??!  What the heck happens to us as we get older?? Well, life happens. Mortgages, jobs, commitments. Apparently, life is far funnier when you are not responsible for anyone but yourself. Or more pointedly, when someone else is responsible for you.

A friend of mine told me that she gets cds of comedians and listens to them in her car while she is running errands during the day. How brilliant of an idea is that? You can laugh your way through the doldrums of the day. And I know you’ve seen those people singing full-tilt-boogie in their cars (who me?) but how fabulous to see someone laughing their sides off? Honestly, there should be tv’s on commuter trains that just play stand-up continually. Folks would arrive to work smiling.  How about instead of getting sucked into shows like “Horders” and “Strange Sex” (guilty), you tune into Comedy Central for an hour a day…that could honestly be time well spent. Laughter not only does great things for your disposition, but for your body as well. Releases endorphins, lowers blood pressure. Bring on Jon Stewart, I say.

A comedian that I love, love, love-Louis CK- has a bit which astutely combines two of my favorite things…laughter and appreciation of the little things in life. It’s short but spot-on. If you are like me, you’ll end up watching it several times, then posting it on FB to make other people laugh and THEN telling everyone around your dinner table about it. It’s only about 4 minutes but make sure you watch the whole thing. Begin your day with this and you will most certainly be off to a good start.  Especially if you happen to be taking a flight today.

5 thoughts on “Your Seat in the Sky Awaits

  1. Louis CK…the man is brilliant! One of my heros for sure. Thank you lovely lady for that video and the happy post. What a perfect way to start my day…my cup o’ tea and your daily frosting!

  2. I’ve seen that spot before- sooo true and sooo funny!! Have you seen any Megan McGlover updates lately? Maybe GA had a mild winter, too so she had nothing to get worked up about! “I love ya long and I love ya strong, but don’t be stupid, People!” 😉

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