Fine Friday Words

You know you’ve seen these word things in stores. Those big canvases that are stenciled with inspirational quotes or funny quotes or quotes about family, love and life. I like them but the ones I had seen thus far usually had one line that just blew it for me. Something I didn’t agree with or thought was extra-schmaltzy or just landed flat. It’s like when you are card-shopping…you can read a whole card, love the illustration, be loving line after line and then, WHAM!, there’s the one line that totally kills the card for you. Sorry, back in the rack you go.

Well, I finally found one of these canvases that I like. Actually, I love it. And I found it at TJMaxx, of all weird places. Who knew that inspiration could be found at TJMaxx for thirty dollars?

The words are so good and so spot-on that I just have to share them with you all. Love them. Live them. Enjoy your weekend trying to cross some of these things off your life-list.

(picture a tall, cream-colored canvas about 3 feet high with black lettering all in different fonts. It’s cute.)

Be Yourself

Take Chances

Create Happiness

Be Passionate

Fall in Love

Practice Kindness

Travel Often

Be Generous

Value Friendships

Learn New Things

Laugh Every Day

Respect Others

Let Go

Be Fearless

4 thoughts on “Fine Friday Words

  1. I am having a lot of fun following your blog. Like a nice little long distance chat. Funny how many things we still agree on (like bacon and dates). Keep up the good work and thanks for the giggles (I made the mistake of taking my husband to yoga…not so good for my practice). Karen

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