I Hear You, Eleanor!

Do one thing every day that scares you. -Eleanor Roosevelt

I heard these words yesterday in my brain when I was at my yoga class. My teacher asked if I had ever done a headstand. To which I simply and quickly replied “they scare me”. I’m at an age where I don’t beat around the bush anymore. No need to sugar-coat.  Recently, I conquered (although there is still a little wobbling going on) the crazy Bird in Paradise pose. It honest-to-God looks just like the tropical flower. Whoever was naming this pose hit the nail on the head. Either that or they saw the flower first and said “let’s try to get a human body to do THAT!” When I was practicing it at home one night, I made the mistake of doing it in front of my husband, who began to rib me mercilessly about my contortions. It does look ridiculous at points. And if there is one thing that I learned from practicing it that night, you cannot do yoga and laugh at the same time. Any pose will make a hasty exit right out the window. But back to headstand. Every irrational thought about this pose went through my head when my instructor mentioned it….bizarre neck injury…split-second-paralyzation…fall over…look ridiculous. You name it, I thought it. But then ol’ Eleanor sashayed into my thoughts. Why shouldn’t I try it? The chances of me snapping my neck really are as good as the chances I have at winning the PowerBall and that hasn’t happened yet. Somehow, I don’t think Eleanor intended that people go bungee jumping on Monday, swimming with sharks on Tuesday, eating fire on Wednesday or whatever the equivalent would have been back in the 30s and 40s . Basically, she beat Nike by many decades and they just simplified the thought to “Just Do It”. Well, I did it. Granted, it was against a wall (that’s how you start, obviously), but I did it. And I didn’t even feel out-of-control, wobbly or awkward. So I did it again. This was a banner day in that yoga studio for me. I seriously walked out of there feeling like I could pick up a car if I needed to. Or even just wanted to. I did something that intimidated me and was all the better for it. In fact, I can’t wait to try it again next week.

Maybe I’ll even play the lottery this weekend while I’m at it.

And you…yes, YOU…go Do It!  Whatever that “It” is…

(*Have a great weekend, everyone. See you on Monday!)

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