All Hail the Gals!

In my life so far, I have had the great luck to have been and continue to be surrounded by some very amazing women. My family, for as far as the eye can see, has been comprised mostly of women. Lots of women. Humorous, creative, intelligent, graceful, loving women. (Note: the men in the family have all been stellar, too. That must be stated. BUT, this post is about the Gals, so they will have to sit tight and wait their turn for another post). Grandmothers who had sisters, who then had daughters, and whose those daughters are even having daughters. Even cousins…it’s all been girls. It’s sort of ridiculous, actually. Talk about killing all sorts of lineages in one fell swoop. And so much for carrying on that surname. Sorry. The only men around this joint have married into it, although there is one extremely wonderful young prince who has recently graced our lives. The appearance of this prince was just so perplexing to us at first…what do you do with a BOY? Dress him like a girl was the easy answer for all of us. Just joking. We are now venturing down toy aisles that we never went down before. It’s a whole new world of retail out there! Trucks and cars and navy blue, oh my! Well, we are quickly learning and he has truly brought great joy to our family. And then there are my girlfriends…my gals. As I look around, there are friends who have known me since I was in elementary school-all gawky and lanky (me, not the friends), there are new friends who have come along at just the right moments and friends who I could not be closer to if we tried. You know those friends…the Frick to your Frack. The Humpty to your Dumpty. All such gems. Lucky me, that’s all I can say. Lucky me. All these women…this fabulous bevy of young and old and in between…they continue to teach me grace, resilience, humor, chutzpah, elegance, how to nurture, how to love, how to grow and be curious. They each have their own wonderful qualities that make me love them and when you put them all together, it’s almost overwhelming in it’s fabulousness.

I’m writing about all of this divine-ness today, because it’s International Women’s Day. Bet you didn’t know that, did you? Today, March 8th. I stumbled on it the day that I also came across National Frozen Food Day. This one is SO much better than a bag of peas and pearl onions. This Women’s Day is quite a lovely idea, but I had really not heard much about it. Apparently, in many other countries, it’s a pretty big thing, honoring the women in one’s lives. Yes, we have Mother’s Day here and Valentine’s Day, but this might be a good one to latch onto. I think we all could forgo Arbor Day, eco-mindedness aside, and start picking this one up instead. This holiday, that originally was called International Working Women’s Day, is intended to show love, respect and appreciation towards women and to celebrate their accomplishments. In countries such as Poland, Romania, Chile, Cuba, Portugal, Russia, Nepal, Mongolia, Albania there are celebrations and some have even designated it as an official holiday. Love that! I read that Italian men give the women in their lives yellow mimosa flowers on this day. Nice touch going with something other than the predictable rose. Love those Italians.

So…let’s make this our Women’s Day today, too. Dash an email. Give a shout-0ut. Send a text to a woman in your life who is “all that and a bag of chips”, as my husband would say (although his definition might be slightly different than ours at the moment). If you are lucky enough to have even ONE great woman in your life, you have scored…and scored big.

And finally, this is one of my all-time favorite quotes and I found this (below) on Etsy. You can buy the vinyl letters as shown and then stick them someplace great in your home. Here’s to all of you…

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