Here Mr. Lawmaker, Have A Burger

Ok. I know this blog of mine is generally about positive thoughts, recipes and quotes and finds to make your day just a little bit nicer, but I need to vent a tad. Time to pull-out the soapbox for a mo. I will keep this brief and I will also post another, more positive post t0day to yin-the-yang, so to speak. Want to leave the week on a good note, don’t we? I think that sounds fair.

I came across this article on The Huffington Post this week and it has stuck with me and made my head spin. This was the headline:

Pink Slime For School Lunch: Government Buying 7 Million Pounds Of Ammonia-Treated Meat For Meals

Go to the Huffington Article

Have you seen this article? Have you seen this stuff? This “pink stuff” that the U. S. Department of Agriculture is purchasing (and what was declined by various fast food restaurants…something good to note to see where the bar is set) is being sent directly to our schools. To feed our children. Those same children who lawmakers and government officials are continually proclaiming to be “our future”. How can these kids stand a good chance at doing well in school if they don’t have good, healthy, good-quality food in their bodies to fuel their ever-growing and expanding brains? Is anything but premium gasoline put into the lawmaker’s luxury vehicles? If they want them to run well, that’s what they put in. Same flippin’ thing, but here, we are dealing with human bodies. A tad more important, don’t you think?

I could go on and on…and on and on…(I know, I have kept this short and sweet. This is a record for me) about this subject and the hypocricy and the utter lack of respect for this nation’s children in this way, but I won’t. Just please check out this article and see for yourself. My guess is that if this stuff was served up in the cafeteria of the USDA, they wouldn’t have too many takers. Just sayin’.

And the positive spin on this post, if you want to see one, is that if we parents and adults educate ourselves more about these matters, then we can help our children and their education.

8 thoughts on “Here Mr. Lawmaker, Have A Burger

  1. The problem, though, is that this stuff is being served to our children. Yes, an adult would look at this and decline it instantly. BUT, if you have a hungry kiddo, and it’s glammed-up with some fries on the side and drenched in ketchup, they might not know the difference. They might not even have the “experience” (ie. having eaten well at home, with good meats, etc.) of knowing the difference. Some families do not have the funds or resources to send their kids to school with healthy lunches and this provided food is their only option (did you know that the “budget” for a school lunch is about $1-$2? Yes. You heard that correctly. That’s why we aren’t talking quality products here). And even if kids come from homes with the resources to buy good food, it should be expected that when these kids are in school, they are getting nutritious, good-quality food if they choose to eat there.

    It’s just like The Lorax movie that I saw this weekend with my family…The Lorax, he spoke for the trees. We adults, we have to speak for the kids and demand better.

    1. April:

      I saw the “pink slime” also in another newspaper article.
      You’re right, it is unfortunate for the families that are “less fortunate”
      There are certain items on the school lunch menu I’ll let Elizabeth eat. Most of it, she doesnt and thats fine because I much rather she eat healthier and at least I know exactly whats in her lunch box.
      Our hands are tied because the Government calls the shots on this.

      1. It’s just unbelievably frustrating that some people somewhere in the government chain find this to be acceptable. I wonder if their kids buy school lunches where this stuff is being served. Elizabeth is lucky to have a Mom that’s packing her good lunches!

  2. Mostly everything in the cafeteria you cant go wrong. The pasta is whole wheat, all breads are whole wheat, salads, canned fruit, fresh fruit, frozen vegetables, whole wheat pizza, the hot dogs are Sabarett. Now, the meat that we use for certain lunches is questionable. Ive never tasted, nor will I!

    1. Have you seen the movie “Two Angry Moms”? To anyone who hasn’t…you really should. It’s extremely eye-opening AND shows that there IS hope to ammend what is being fed to our kids in schools. Certainly many, many roadblocks along the way, but in some schools it has happened–if there are enough parents fed up (pardon the pun) with the current situation. Definitely check it out.

    2. Wish those frozen veggies were fresh. Yes, I know, frozen is nutritionally the same as fresh for many veggies, but nothing beats fresh! We have farms around here! Canned fruit? In syrup? Again, all fresh fruit is king!

      1. We do purchase from the local farms.
        Everyday theres a choice of fresh and canned fruit.

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