Why Not?

The essence of pleasure is spontaneity.-Germaine Greer

Spontaneity ruled the roost yesterday afternoon and we were all the better for it. We all got up (somewhat bleary-eyed from the daylight savings torture, I mean change), had breakfast and went to the regularly scheduled martial arts class. Then the thought was, since it was such a beautiful day, we would either go for a hike or to the beach to wander around. In amongst that would be laundry, doing the week’s food shopping list, cleaning the house and generally getting ready for the week ahead. The time change had thrown us enough of a curve ball (hello, eye cream. Looking a little scary this morning! Amazing what one less hour will do to a gal over 40), no need to add more to that by being unprepared. So, a little of this, a little of that, but all pretty much what we expected.

Well, we stepped foot in the door after the scheduled martial arts class and my phone rang. Friends said “It’s a gorgeous day! Come over and have lunch with us!”. I then scrolled through “the list” in my brain…the piles of laundry, the tumbleweed that are blowing through my house, the definitive need (not want) to go food shopping…but you know, other words came out of my mouth..”Sounds great! Thanks! We’ll be right over!”. Who said that? I’m a planner.

That was SO the right move. Spontaneity spoke and the gods delivered. The sun was warm, the food was wonderful, the champagne flowed all afternoon (there’s spontaneity…how often does that happen to you on a regular Sunday? It generally doesn’t around my house. I think I’m going to adopt some new habits) and the friends and conversation were perfect. Add to that, the kids were playing outside ALL day, happy as clams, free as birds and all was right with the world. And I bet, had we tried to plan the afternoon, it would have rained, one of the kids would have gotten a flash-stomach-bug, the cat would have chosen to do something completely out of the norm, like eat a sock and clog his digestive system…something. But instead, it was casual, easy and brilliant.

My lesson for the day was that when life hands you something unexpected and seemingly good, run with it. Embrace it and put out the welcome mat. It’s those moments that truly make life sweeter and infinitely more interesting. A big thank you and a champagne toast to our dear friends for spontaneously frosting our day~

So, Happy Monday to you all…here’s hoping that you are presented with something perfectly divine this week!

“You can’t do anything about the length of your life, but you can do something about it’s width and depth.”-Shira Tehrani

*Coming tomorrow: A Sweet for St. Pat’s Day

3 thoughts on “Why Not?

  1. Great post! It’s amazing how speical the friendships in our lives are. Thank you for being part of that.

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