A Drop in the Bucket

I have a total love-hate relationship going right now with my subscription to Travel and Leisure magazine and with the email blasts that I get from I scored the magazine from one of those “pick 3 subscriptions for only $1 each” deals from my credit card. Seemed like a decent idea since the cost for all three for one year equals the price of just one issue of one of them. Not too shabby. And since I’m a fairly vocal person and have left “feedback” on TripAdvisor several times regarding various trips, I now get dinged with all sorts of emails from them. Both of these things are kind of killing me, but I don’t have the heart to cancel either. Enter love-hate relationship…. I love them because seeing and hearing about all the places in the world to visit is just complete and utter eye-candy and imagination-candy to me. Case in point: one of TripAdviors recent emails highlighted the best beds (in which hotels) to wake up in because they had the most amazing views. I mean, really? And who, exactly, was the lucky travel-writer who scored THAT assignment?  Aaaaand, I hate them because at this point in my life with a family, commitments, kids’ activities up the yin-yang and not gobs upon gobs of disposable income, flying off to Bora Bora for 2 weeks to stay in an overwater bungalow is not exactly in the cards.

At the moment.

But, someday…yes, someday…

That’s what I continually tell myself and that’s precisely the reason why I will not cancel that unbelievable magazine or silence those pings from travel websites.

Yesterday morning, in one of those glossy magazine inserts that comes in the NY Times, I read about an amazing little tavern in Italy. It’s located about 40 miles north of Venice (cue the “ahhhh’s…..) and is smack in the middle of Prosecco country. I didn’t even know there was a “Prosecco country”. Never thought about it, but I sure am now. So, this tavern…it’s called Osteria Senz’Oste, which roughly translates to “inn without a host”. Huh? Yes, that’s the deal with this place. The owners want you to feel so at home, that they leave all the food and drink out (they make their own Prosecco. Of course they do), you can just amble in from your little bike ride through the hills, have whatever you like and leave whatever you think is appropriate as payment. Serve yourself, clean up after yourself, it’s all on the honor system. And this is a lovely little tavern with lovely looking food we are talking about here, not some spooky dump with a weird owner. Where the heck would you find that in the U.S.? I think Osteria Senz’Oste just jumped, lickety-split, onto my Bucket List. I like their thinking.

Speaking of which, do YOU have a Bucket List? Ever since I saw that tearjerker of a movie starring Morgan Freeman (looove him) and Jack Nicholson, it’s been something I pretty consistently ponder. A Bucket List. Things you would like to do before you kick the proverbial bucket. Yes, kind of morbid but also exceedingly positive and motivating, if you ask me. When you look at Travel and Leisure, at least when I do, you realize just how much is out there.  Things, places, people, foods to discover. We live on one incredible planet. It helps to keep my balance, too, because there are those days when you get pretty wrapped up in the minutiae of daily life. We all have them and for the most part, it’s what our lives are comprised of. But it helps to be reminded that there’s some big stuff out there and we have to have some big dreams as well. Keeps the soul afloat. I once read this article about a Mom who was helping her daughter with the concept of goal-setting as well as the idea of “putting things out there in the universe”. That’s a thought that’s a little out-there to some, but I happen to like the idea of it and it also helps in really focusing on those goals-Actualizing them. So, anyway, the Mom had the girl write down things she would like to accomplish and one of the items on the girl’s list was “visit Paris”. Well, apparently, the universe listened and the kid won some trip to Paris the following week. Yes, quite possibly the biggest fluke in the world along with the best timing ever, but then again, you never know. I’m pretty sure that little girl is writing all sorts of things down on paper now. And that’s just it, you never know. Put it down on paper, make it real and maybe it will, indeed happen. Better on paper than just swimming around in your brain. It can get so crowded in there sometimes.

So, hey, start making your Bucket List. Doesn’t matter if you are 20 or 75. Make one. Make those dreams biggish. Or smallish. Why the heck not?

Here are a few recent additions to mine…(in no particular order. And yes, I’m serious about these)
-Visit Venice, Italy during the Masquerade Festival. Looks like one of the world’s most sexy and mysterious parties. Count me in.
-Attend Wimbledon (just started taking tennis lessons for the first time in my life. Want to watch this game up close, thank you very much. Berries and Cream will be nice, too)
-Go to Paris. In April. (was there in February once, but want to go in April)
-hike the Tour du Mont Blanc pass. It’s a 100 mile hiking trail that takes you through Switzerland, Italy and France around Mont Blanc. Supposed to be amazing and for all hiking levels. Sold.
-Plant a vegetable garden and really have it produce a decent amount of food for my family
-work on a farm for a weekend and see what it’s really like
-Master the art of making french Macarons (we’ve talked about this before)
-conquer Crow pose in yoga
-Have lunch with Javier Bardem in Provence on a lazy afternoon. Ha. Just threw that in there to see if you were reading the whole list. Well…

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