Good Finds

Good Tees and Lovely Lips

Ok…sorry to any man reading today’s post. This one is about clothes and makeup, although from the Daily Frosting perspective. Hmmm…you can also go shopping for someone, too…hadn’t thought about that…

As a friend of mine in college used to say about Spring…”I love Spring. Everyone wears their legs”.  And in going to a university that was in a snow-zone, the first 50 degree day brought out shorts and legs in mass quantities. The Quad was littered with bodies and bare skin. Goodbye, Winter! Hellooooo, warm weather. If you are like me, you are probably completely sick of the winter duds and all items black, brown and gray…let’s put some vibrant color back on the ol’ bods now. Something to perk us up and give us a little blast of energy. I’ve actually gotten to the point in my life (and after having lived in NYC for many years) that if I wear too much black, it starts to get me crazy. I think I’m actually affected by color the way some folks are with the seasons. You know that whole sit-in-front-of-a-lamp in the winter thing? Well, I need color. Give me some orange. Some aqua. That’s precisely why I bought a big, white winter coat. I couldn’t stand looking at dark coats in my closet anymore. Maybe my love of the 64 box of Crayolas when I was a kid hit home a little more than I thought. Yikes. The power of a…Crayon.

Anyhoo…since it is now that season to lighten up, I have a few good finds for you. The first has some great, warm- weather (although she does have things for cool weather, too), fun, casual clothing. This company is also the baby of a wonderful, enterprising, optimistic woman that I know, so it only seems fitting that I give her a shout-out on this blog, because optimism is one of my running themes. It’s a company called Wouldn’t It B Nice? She does tees, baseball hats, bags…all in colors that pop and with fabulous optimistic sayings on them. And some of her profits even get donated to some great organizations. I’m wearing one right now as I type this post. Liven up your summer closet with some goodies from Wouldn’t It B Nice?. You’ll enjoy wearing them and send some good messages as you do. They are great for kids as well!

AND…as you know, I’m big into healthy eating, being aware of what we put into our bodies and what we can do to keep our bodies healthy. But, there’s another facet of healthy lifestyles that women tend to overlook. Thankfully, it’s starting to hit the mainstream a bit more these days…Cosmetics.. Think about it, if you are reading labels on foods and becoming more aware of ingredients that are potentially harmful to bodies, you are obviously concerned with what you are directly putting IN your body. How are cosmetics any different? In many cases, we want the cosmetics (moisturizers, serums, lotions) to be absorbed by the skin and the skin is your body’s biggest organ. Remember learning that back in grade school? So why would we want to put anything on it (and eventually in it) that has harmful or questionable ingredients. It’s just like food. The only difference is that for decades the cosmetics industry (in the U.S.) has thrived without having to answer to anyone about any of these ingredients. If you look Eastward to Europe, it’s a whole different tube of lipbalm over there. They have ruled oodles of ingredients (that U. S. companies still use in their cosmetics) as unsafe. Colorants, preservatives, chemicals…many, many of our cosmetics companies are still using them and these things are seeping into our skin. What’s that old statistic that says a woman will consume about 6 pounds of lipstick off of her lips in her lifetime? Uh, do you want junk in that lipstick? I don’t. They are more kissable and lovable without the yuck. It’s a tricky thing to navigate, that’s for sure, especially when the ads and the packaging and the promises that these cosmetic companies offer are just so alluring. But, the tides seem to be changing…slowly, slowly…ever slowly. Like you, I don’t want to age any quicker than I have to and yes, I have the little crow’s feet creeping into my mirror …but I don’t want to go completely au naturale (Yikes! Shield your eyes!)…so what’s a gal to do? Start reading the labels on your cosmetics, too…start looking around at places like Whole Foods…increasingly more cosmetics are appearing in those stores and they are good, too. More colors, more choices. They also cost just about the same (if not less) than the department store brands. BUT, they don’t have the scary stuff in them. Believe me…I’ve tried them and this is a mission of mine. Be able to keep your skin healthy, add some glam but do it in a more natural way.

So, to start you on your path…here’s a mascara that I stumbled on AND you can buy it in CVS…see, you don’t even have to shlep to some store out of your way. It’s got a great wand and doesn’t clump and is more natural. I’m wearing it right now, and I’ll tell you…these lashes look goooood. After the mascara, you can branch out to blush…then lip glosses…and slowly start to rehab your makeup bag. It’s doable, smarter and better for that lovely face of yours.

Good Mascara

If you are interested in reading more and believe me, it will open your eye-shadowed eyes something fierce…here’s a good website to start with: Safe Cosmetics.

Gorgeous and informed? There’s a killer combo.

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