Laughter Trumps Veggies

So I had intended this week to be all about veggie posts. Good recipes, tips, yada yada. As you know, the best intentions often go by the wayside, especially when something better comes along.

I’ve decided that I don’t need vegetables today.  I need some humor. A good blast of some laughs and mid-week seems like the perfect point in the week for this. After perusing YouTube and laughing myself silly (anyone looking in my window would have been amused to no end), I found two videos that I want to share. The first is about getting older…I think all of us over-40s (gulp) will relate to this one….and the second is the funny rantings of a woman who I find, just that…funny. Louis CK a bit rough around the edges, so just go with the flow, but man is he hilarious.

Consider this an ab workout to start your day. Laughter AND exercise. It’s a feel good day.

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