Cake with a Salad Spoon

(Note: Day Two of ditching the veggie posts plan. Mind is wandering beyond vegetables this week, I guess)

Yesterday morning, I reached into one of my kitchen drawers looking for something..a spatula maybe? Can’t even remember. It’s one of those drawers that has a zillion utensils of all shapes and sizes in it, it’s packed to the gills, could almost be considered dangerous, YET somehow I can tell you just about everything that’s in there. That kind of stuff makes me laugh…I don’t think I could tell you what I had for dinner 3 nights ago and half the time I can’t remember my husband’s dress shirt size, but I could probably rattle off about 15 of the contents of that crazed, chaotic drawer, down to even where they reside in the drawer (left, right, crammed in back). That’s whacked. Show me the rhyme or reason to that, please. I think I need to get out more.

Well, I reached in, looking for whatever it was that I was hunting for and came across this pair of salad spoons. Although one is kind of fork-ish. They are wooden, not expensive and have giraffes on the handles. And they were schlepped in a suitcase all the way from a Africa about 12 years ago. By our next door neighbor at the time, a lovely, 80+ year old woman named Ruth. Who had just returned from an African safari. Animals, shots, umpteen travel hours…this 80+ lady did it.

Ruth was a pip. She had a thick, German accent, a definitive twinkle in her eye, had lived on her own for many, many years since her husband passed away and since then, took every opportunity to jet all over the world with her grandchildren and friends. Who were other 80+ year olds. You have to just love that. Go Ruth! Even just the visual is great…I hope to someday be part of a gaggle of 80 year olds who is cavorting around the globe. Ruth sort of struck me as being akin to the old woman in Titanic…she did what she pleased and had plenty of adventures along the way. Gender, age…none were going to hold her back. I would not have been surprised if there had been a few great loves along the way, but maybe I’m just getting out over my skis here and letting my imagination get the best of me. Who knows. I’m pretty sure there was not a Heart of The Ocean buried in a coffee can in her little house. We were new to the neighborhood when we met Ruth and unfortunately, within a handful of years, she moved to Florida to an assisted living complex. Whether she is still alive, I don’t know. But those giraffe spoons still are and they are residing in the zoo that is my kitchen drawer.

When I came across those salad spoons yesterday, I thought of Ruth and her zest. Part of me wants to frame these silly giraffe spoons as a reminder to just keep chugging along. Keep traveling. Keep reading. Keep on being curious. Keep everything-ing for as long as you darned well can. See, I get this way around this time of the year…I’m approaching the birthday zone (still off a bit, but not that far off) and I always do a little mental inventory of things in my life. Forget January and New Years…a birthday is your New Year. I adore birthdays and have always viewed each new number as a good thing, freak that I am, I know.

Maybe this year on my birthday, I’m going to have my cake and eat it too…with one of those spoons.

4 thoughts on “Cake with a Salad Spoon

    1. Wow! Thank you SO much…it’s great knowing that someone(s) out there are enjoying what I am writing…you totally just frosted my day! 🙂 I’ll happily keep this award rolling along to others…

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