21 Years Coming

Yesterday was Easter. It was a glorious day. Beautiful weather. A great afternoon with dear family and friends. Delicious food and somehow, no chaos surrounding the preparation of it . That alone was a miracle. The kids had a great time hunting for eggs and nibbling chocolates all day. It was one of the “good days”, to say the least.

The day was made even sweeter by one thing. The Easter Bunny brought me something. Something that I have waited 21 years for.

A perfect game of Spades. I, April, finally! finally! finally! scored a PERFECT 100.

My husband and I have been married for almost 17 years and I’ve known him for about 22. Yikes how the time flies. Early on, when we were dating, my husband’s parents introduced me to the card game of Spades. I had never played it. My mom-in-law’s parents played cards when she was growing up and both she and my dad-in-law played with friends when my husband was little (did you follow that?). They are well-versed and have great stories to tell about their many games over the years. I, on the other hand, was versed in Old Maid and Go Fish. So, for the past 21 years, we have played Spades. The four of us…my husband, myself and my in-laws, have played whenever we get together. Usually, we’ll have a night of visiting together and catching up and then the next night…out come the snacks, the extra tea and coffee, the comfy clothes and the cards. I cannot tell you how many games we have racked up over the years now. And the BEST part of the game is that we laugh RIDICULOUSLY. We’ll usually play for a few hours…the expletives fly, the competition gets heated and we have never had a game that didn’t include big, hearty laughs or at least someone coming close to snarfing. Who knew that diamonds, hearts, spades and clubs could provide this much entertainment?

To date, the only one to score a perfect 100 was my father-in-law. Until tonight. Our other guests had left, the kids were in bed, the dishes and kitchen were cleaned up. Time to bring out The Deck.

My husband will often poke fun of me because I am terrible at shuffling or that my bets are seemingly ludicrous or off the mark. I most certainly do not have a future as a dealer or a cardshark. Sometimes I do ok. Sometimes I go down in a ball of flames. He calls me the X-Factor of the game. Mind you, his game is as random as mine (sshhh). I think my highest score so far had been in the high 80s and that was remarkable-I’ll be the first to admit it. Stars were lined up, locusts were about to descend…something. But never have I come any closer than that to the much-coveted 100. The high scores by the others are written in and on our card boxes. Dated. And with some gloating, accompanying remark by the winner. Previous night’s high scores have been known to litter the house in random places such as mirrors and on post-it notes the next day. Have to rub in that win-of course! Even the fridge at my in-laws’ summer house is covered in old score sheets pronouncing past winners. It’s really a sickness at this point, I think we can all agree on that.

BUT, this sickness is one of the best sicknesses a person can have. We have found a great way to have fun together. We laugh, we share stories, we poke fun at each other, we let it all hang out. All because of 52 cards.

And my husband, well, he is fully aware that his life will be miserable for the next few days. I would be remiss if I did not celebrate this win to the fullest extent. Last night before bed, I remarked that our ten stairs felt like *100*. Phew. So tiring. And that, watch out! Tomorrow a heat wave is expected and it’s going to be *100* degrees. Do you have any money in your wallet, hon? I only have *100* pennies. Other LARGE 100s will be littering his life, you can bet on that. These remarks were the tip of the card-playing iceberg.

He’s going to be sick of me. Sick to death of this win. But with the eye-rolling and the remarks about moving out temporarily, there are always giggles and winks and more laughs. This Perfect Score will keep us entertained for days. Anything that provides this much laughter is worth it in my book.

In Spades.

4 thoughts on “21 Years Coming

  1. Congrats to you….100 times over!! Loved today’s post. Love reading what you write. You and your win totally picked up my day. I have a 100 of my own….just about 100 hours until vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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