Bottle It Up

“Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards and in high heels.”-Faith Whittlesey

Last night, I had the distinct pleasure of witnessing joy. Pure joy in action.

We were at an awards ceremony and were under the impression that our daughter would be getting a first place award for a science project that she had recently completed. Well, so much for that…she took home a Best of Fair award, leaving that 1st place ribbon in the dust. The emcee of the night explained that, in addition to the other special awards (even apart from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ones) there were “Best of” awards…just 4 of them for those scoring particularly high in their categories. Well, our daughter waltzed off with one of those babies.

When the emcee called her name, the look that she gave me was one of pure and simple joy. Her eyes sparkled and spoke volumes to me. It was a mixture of Wow! Me? Awesome! Really? OMG OMG Yay! Yay! Yay!

What flashed in my mind as she trotted up onto the stage in that auditorium was that I wanted to bottle this moment for her. Take that joy, with all the sparkles and giggles and plunk it in a bottle. Quick! Seal it up tightly! I want this for her to use in the future…for those days when she is feeling down, when she’s just fed-up or frustrated by something or (eh-hem) someone, for those days when she just needs a good cry to set things straight.

Imagine if we could all have a row of these bottles in our homes. In some special place where the light catches them. Yes, I know you-the-adult are thinking “Hey, I have a row of those bottles…this one is called Jim. Mr Jim Beam. This one is a Captain. And his name is Morgan”. Just shhushh for a moment and let me have this sweet bottle dream, ok? So these bottles of mine. They would be filled with all the truly great moments in your life and filled in ways that photos or journals can’t replicate. It’s that rush. Those zings that fly through your body. The feeling that comes over you when you are in one of those moments. Hard to explain, but we’ve all had them so I know you know what I’m talking about. Those feelings of Bliss. Of First Love. Of Old Love. Of Ridiculous Laughter. Of Contentment. Of Pride. It would be great to just unleash those snippets of time and get to relive them, even for just a few seconds. A little blast, a long blast. Whatever would soothe your ills and bring you those fabulous feelings from those precise moments. You have stored them in your head, but this way, you could really feel them again.

Tonight, I was insanely proud of my daughter for a whole host of reasons. I was proud of her for loving science (she didn’t get that from me, that’s for sure). I was proud of the pride she took in her work. I was proud of her for her confidence and her willingness to try new things. I was proud of her curiosity. Lastly, I was proud of her for being so proud of herself.

I hope she bottles that moment from last night and saves it in her back pocket for a long time.


(psst…I’m taking a rest for a few…will see you back here on the 24th….Cook some of my recipes in the meantime 🙂

2 thoughts on “Bottle It Up

  1. April, this was a beautiful piece. It went off the “cry-o-meter,” that is, if it makes me cry it must be the truth. I will use the bottle analogy for my children (and myself). And may I share…last year my daughter, a a high school freshman, decided she would “try throwing” in track. Shotput, discus, javelin. Never did it before. Turns out, she’s great at it, the only freshman to make varsity! I went on and on about how proud she should be of herself, how you never know what you can do until you try, and isn’t it amazing you turned out to love it and be great at it, and obviously there’s so much inside you, bla bla bla I went on to the point of her rolling her eyes, “enough Mom! I get it!” But that is and should be bottled. Thank you for helping me put it somewhere “tangible” for her to save and draw on. Sniff sniff.

    1. Happy that you were so moved by this post…does it sound odd to say that I’m pleased that I made you cry? LOL. We all have those delicious moments in life that should be kept somewhere safe to draw upon later…that’s for sure….

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