Thighs, shmighs

For the second half of our week’s vacation, we went to Scottsdale, which is further south in Arizona. It could not be further from Sedona in every way. Sedona is Red Rocks, hiking, New Age, all-natural, outdoorsy. Scottsdale is shopping, dining, laying by the pool. Actually, the week was a perfect blend of earthy and luxe. I like that. Kind of like the Barefoot Contessa of vacationing.

So we were by the pool one day, the first day actually. The hotel was great. Pool(s) were stunning. I had just settled onto my chaise-lounge with my stack of magazines and my Kindle. Kids were already in, having somehow gone from room to suits to pool in about 20 seconds flat. Amazing how those creatures can move when motivated. I was there, sunning myself, watching the world go by and feeling…completely self-conscious in my bathing suit. Man, I’m white. Why didn’t I get a pedi before the trip (you can see in the pic)? Got some color up in Sedona, but not on my legs or my stomach! Arrg…didn’t lose those 5 (10?) pounds that I said I would by this trip! Why did I have the cactus fries and that extra margarita? Arms look better but still not great. Not even talking about my legs, which will never win any awards. Mercy, mercy me.

And then I looked up.

Across the pool, I saw a mom. She was there with her husband and two very small children. Both seemed to be under 5 years old at the most. She was sporting everything I was….suit, family, smile….but she had an accessory that I didn’t: a headscarf.

This woman apparently was in the throws of some awful battle. There was no hair under that scarf. Add to that, I saw what resembled the outlines of a “port” on her chest. I watched her and her kids for the morning…she was in and out of the pool, then curling up with her son on the big, double chaise. They ate lunch together. A happy day for them all, it seemed.

I can only imagine what her story is. But I now know what my story is.

Who cares about the thighs? Not me.

(not to totally break the mood, but I’ll be switching gears tomorrow…a few good recipes coming your way…)

4 thoughts on “Thighs, shmighs

  1. This was beautiful. One of my favorite posts to date. It was EXACTLY what I needed to hear this morning. Thank you!

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