You want the moon, Mary?

Outer space stuff does absolutely nothing for me.

My husband goes absolutely and completely berserk when I say that. I make a point, though, to never say it around my daughters, as I don’t want to inflict my oddities or lack of academic curiosity in any particular area on them. They can fall asleep in astronomy class someday on their own. Just joking. “How could you NOT want to travel to space someday, if you could?, my husband asks. Easy. It holds no interest to me. Maybe this makes me sound close-minded, but honestly, I feel like there’s enough here ON the planet to keep me occupied and completely interested for the rest of my days. In fact, I could probably spend the rest of those days doing nothing but traveling (wish!) and STILL not see it all. And that’s here on terra firma.

The other thing about space-and this is strange coming from an art student-is that I just can’t get my brain around it. Milky way. Black holes. Seeing stars that really burnt out a thousand years ago but their light is just getting to us now…really. This is insane. It’s just too big for me. I don’t understand how scientists even begin to figure out something so abstract and removed from us. Give me a painting. I’ll analyze it to death. But something like a light year? Forget it.

The moon, though, does intrigue me to no end. That’s the one thing about space that I do enjoy. Maybe because it comes across in so many stories and legends and histories as so magical. Well, it is magical. When you see that harvest moon peeking through the silhouette of black, leafless trees…maybe a few smoky gray clouds are floating by and buffering it…well, that’s nothing BUT magical.

Add to that the fact that the moon really does exert “pull” on people and creatures and things here on earth. Hospitals are jam-packed when there is a full moon. My kids are noticeably a little zanier when there is a full moon. I’m probably a little kookier, too, come to think of it. And don’t even THINK about volunteering in a classroom when there is one. Think of the tides…in, out, farther still….some sea creatures actually work their birthing rituals around the phases of the moon, as the tide will be highest or lowest or the moon will be the brightest for them to see on shore. This is amazing stuff. All because of that big, glowing thing hanging up there in the sky.

In “It’s a Wonderful Life”, George said to Mary:  “What is it you want, Mary? What do you want? You want the moon? Just say the word and I’ll throw a lasso around it and pull it down. Hey. That’s a pretty good idea. I’ll give you the moon, Mary.” One of my favorite movie moments of all time. Yes, George, lasso the moon for me.

Well, this weekend (Saturday night), get ready to try and lasso that moon. Be ready to make a wish. Yes, stars are for wishes, but hey, go big. Go for the moon. This weekend it’s a Supermoon. No cape, but lots of power and might. The “Supermoon” is when a full moon happens at the same time as the moon’s closest approach to Earth. AND it will be 16 percent brighter than a normal full moon. So cool.

Howl. Dance in the moonlight. Wish or Lasso.

Maybe if there is travel to the moon, I’ll sign up. Only if I get a window seat.
Have a great weekend, everyone! See you on Monday~

4 thoughts on “You want the moon, Mary?

  1. I’m with you April the universe is too big to think about. I have trouble figuring things out here on Earth. I am, however, looking forward to the Supermoon.

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