Please and Thank You

Good morning, everybody!

Yes, I’m going to start my week by saying that I’m a hypocrite at this moment in time. I am forever making sure that my children write proper thank you notes or just say thank you when it’s called for….and I’ve forgotten to do it myself. I think I’ve been so focused on writing that this somehow slipped by me. Excuses, excuses.

So. BACK ON MARCH 29th (yikes, little late here) I was granted the ABC Award by a fellow blogger…Ann of ABC stands for Awesome Blog Content. How cool is this? Thank you, Ann! One blogger passed it to her, she passed it to me and several others and now I’m to do the same when I find some blogs that I love. Talk about spreading the love!

The first requirement of this award is that I compile a list of adjectives that describe my blog so that more folks can learn about it. Then, I have to please pay the award forward. So….first part…here goes:

B-Bountiful Baking (double points)
E-Eclectic, engaging, effervescent (although a friend did suggest Erotic for yuks…got to love her. “And she licked the foam off the perfectly…hot…cappuccino…..”. I’m cracking myself up over here)
G-Grammar hound
I-Interesting (hopefully you find it to be so!)
K-Kindness counts
L-Loving writing this blog!
M-Motivating, Mouth-Watering and Much More coming!
O-Optimistic, Organic
P-Present (thank you Yoga)
Q-Quirky, Quote-filled
S-Simple Joys and Sassy (couldn’t just do one)
U-Uplifting, Understandable
W-Wonderful, Dahling!
X-Xtreme sports? Not around these parts.
Z-Zest for Life

Phew. Does that start to describe Daily Frosting?  Some of those were my adjectives and some (very lovingly) came from friends. I’m rather flattered, to say the least.

The recipients of MY ABC award will be coming soon….

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