Thoughts on a Year


Today at 10:14 am I will turn a new number. The Vanna White of numbers is about to grab ahold of the one that is glowing and…and….and….there it is!

Number 42. Sounds good if I were on a field and that were my jersey. Well, on the playing field of life, I’m now number 42.

A nice, even number. Doesn’t look bad in print. And it hasn’t catapulted me into a new bubble on a form, either. I can rest easy for a few years. You know those bubbles…the age-bracket bubbles. 18-24…25-35…36-45…and on they go. Hands with pencils always quiver a bit when you have to darken a new bubble. Makes the SATs look like playtime.

Being the overthinking and sentimental individual (fool?) that I am, I take time on my birthday to ruminate. In between bites of cake and other delightful things, of course. What I did over the last year, where I want to go in the next. This is my New Years. I always write that on birthday cards to people, too..Happy New Year. It’s what it is, after all.

Therefore, these are a few things that I have learned over this past year. Goodbye 41. You had some great moments, you had some dingers. Overall, I’m happy to welcome a new companion.

1. Optimism is key. For mind, body and daily routines.

2. Oatmeal for breakfast actually is really good, despite it making me feel like I’m a little old lady when I eat it or request it. Steel-cut with blueberries and a splash of maple syrup, please. Hello fiber and goodbye cholesterol. So sensible it just hurts.

3. Silence is good. And needed more often than I thought.

4. When the chips are down, be a woman who is made of steel. You can weather it so much better then.

5. Make a bucket list. Add to it often.

6. Walk beyond the “End of Trail”. There’s good stuff out there.

7. Take time to watch small kids. Their raw creativity and ingenuity is amazing. They’ve got McGyver beat something fierce.

8. There ARE green teas out there that don’t taste like straw.

9. Key to great skin: water, exercise and not much sugar.

10. Be thankful for your health. It’s the Best Gift Ever.

11. Don’t shoot down something new just because it’s out of your comfort zone. It could be one of the best things you’ve ever tried.

12. Try it, you might like it.

13. Mammograms, mammograms, mammograms.

14. Enthusiasm will carry you far.

15. Mentally flex in different directions. Your mind will love you for it.

16. The better you eat, the better you are going to feel. Kale and Quinoa. Enough said.  And you can lighten up on the caffeine without your head exploding.

17. Never, EVER, let a day go by without laughing. Even if that means resorting to stupid, blooper YouTube videos.

18. The older you get, the more silliness is needed.

18. It’s good to read some of the classics that you somehow jumped over all those years ago.

19. Sounds hokey, but keep dreaming the dreams and saying the I love you’s. They keep you afloat.

20. Try every day to set an intention. Create a goal.

21. Every new number brings with it new opportunities to learn, to explore. That’s never a bad thing. Yeah, more candles on that cake, but they represent a whole lot of living. Think of just one person who didn’t get to have as many candles, and those flames will instantly look fabulous.

22. Yes, some days it feels like the years are flying by but I’m also really starting to get the whole “women-get-better-with-age” thing. Yes, total beach body at 18 but the WHOLE gal is oh- so-better now. Watch out 50, that’s all I have to say.

23. Do your damndest to keep in touch with people who knock your socks off and who you love. No need to explain this one.

24.  And finally, of course…bring on the Frosting.

11 thoughts on “Thoughts on a Year

  1. Great post! I’m all for the even numbers – and getting better with age. Thanks for the reminder on my mammogram!

  2. Love it. My number is 45 this month. I don’t mind it but I can’t get over the thought that next year I have to check the next “bubble” Yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. #7…hahaha does it count if I do that for a living? #11… we just bought a wall-art that says “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” so true, so true!!!

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