In My Own Words….Not.

Just as I was about to get my fingers typing and launch into a new blog post, some words came across my email this afternoon. They came from another blog called Lead. Learn. Live. David Kanigan is the blogger’s name and he has some interesting stuff on that blog of his. He has lots to say about being leaders in different professions and finding your way to optimal productivity…ideas, inspiration. Interesting.

Well, he posted something today and frankly, I just had to borrow it. I hope you don’t mind, Mr. Kanigan, and I am giving you absolute credit for it, by the way. It’s right up my alley and perfect for a Friday morning post. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do…

(I LOVE the wording of number 2 and 4)

Ambush the couch.

Terrorize the cupcake.

Persecute the remote.

Manhandle the paperback.

Attack the keyboard.

Blitz the off button.

Assault the outdoors.

Storm the streets.

Stare rudely at art.

Besiege your friends.

Bash out the octaves.

Explode with dancing.

Be outrageously positive.

And horrifically content.


*Have a wonderful weekend everyone, terrorized cupcakes and all*

5 thoughts on “In My Own Words….Not.

    1. The other thought I had was “snap into a Slim Jim.” I bet Corey does a Randy Macho Man impression, in that he is an adult male, and we all do Randy Macho Man impressions.

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