That Wonderful Spark

Fire is the most tolerable third party.  ~Henry David Thoreau

Remember when I talked about camping a few days ago and mentioned that kids just never get bored when they go camping? That they can be completely enamored with the simplest things? Well, I think I found the adult equivalent to that this weekend. In fact, I know I have.


Not once, but two evenings this weekend, my husband and I sat around firepits with friends. It was the most glorious weather and these events just unfolded organically, which I just love. Planning makes you crazy, but a spur-of-the-moment gathering is full of sparks and enjoyment. With a party, you fret about “do I have this? did I get that?”…with a text that reads “come on over, we’re home!”, you put together what you have, everybody pitches in and it’s relaxed and easy. SO much nicer. God yes.  Both evenings simply involved good people, good drinks and some uncomplicated items to eat…


I was thinking about it yesterday (post firepits)…had the evenings taken place in our living rooms, they still would have been lovely and filled with great laughter and chatter, but somehow, when you add FIRE (especially firepits), something special happens.

Who knows…Maybe it’s that you are sitting underneath the stars and that big, indigo sky. Maybe that it’s May and that there isn’t a single mosquito in sight. But maybe it’s those sparks and those embers that you keep hearing sizzle and pop. And how is it that you are still   interested in watching the colors of the flames? You’ve seen them before. Or watching the little, hot orange pieces of wood fly as the logs collapse on themselves?

Call me a cave-girl, but it’s enchanting. Say “firepit” to any of our friends, and they all swarm like bees to a hive. Or moths to a flame, as the case may be. The novelty still hasn’t worn off and it’s been, what? Like a million years? Make a campfire, stoke a firepit….folks just gather and it’s instant-party.

How comforting a thought is this? We. Are. Not. Jaded. Just when we thought we had to have the granite countertop and the iphone 4 or the bluetooth option in our car….we light a fire. That’s it. That will keep us happy for now. Add a blanket and some laughter and poof! Instant bliss.

Summer is just beginning. Many firepit evenings are ahead of you. I, personally, am thrilled that ours have officially begun. Early this year!  Swipe that match across the box, sit alongside and gaze, smell and watch and let the simplicity draw you in.

It’s…deLIGHTful, she says with a wink of her eye…

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