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I’m Going to SCREAM!

This past weekend was my husband’s birthday. And one of his favorite things in the world is ice cream. He’s 42. Go figure. Give this man a bowl of good chocolate ice cream and he’s in heaven. Seriously. Talk about being easily satisfied in life.

As I love to bake for birthdays, I decided to MAKE ice cream and I’m writing this post because you have to also. We have a Cuisinart Ice Cream maker and honestly, this thing is just the best. Yes, this is a bit more effort than reaching into the freezer case at the food store. BUT, I made Cinnamon ice cream AND Anise ice cream this weekend (we have the dual ice cream machine. You can make 2 flavors at once. Score!). Where can you buy flavors like that? I’m not even a black-licorice kind-of-gal, but I could appreciate the flavor of this stuff.

Yes, the kicker is that the box for the ice cream maker advertises it as “ice cream in a few hours” and shock-of-shocks, they aren’t telling you the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It does takes a few hours total for it to churn and freeze, but you have to do prep work the day before. See, you make your “base”…the mixture with the eggs, the cream, the flavorings and then it sits in the fridge overnight. There’s a little patience involved with this one.

Before you hit the close button on this post, just start thinking about the flavors you can make this summer…

For Father’s Day, buy the man an ice cream maker. Anyone with a birthday coming up, do the same. Homemade ice cream is The Best. AND, being a proponent of the “let’s-not-put-extra-junk-in-our-foods”, this covers those bases. Yes, it’s cream and sugars and eggs, not the lightest caloric dessert in the world (although they do have some lighter recipes and sorbets)…but you know what? No preservatives, no weird color # 3s, no stabilizers…none of that. This is ice cream like your grandparents made but without the hassle of sitting around churning it for hours on end and blowing out your rotator cuff. The salt part of the ice cream equation always puzzled me, too.

No churn. No salt. No achey shoulders.

Just cones and cups of divine, cool, creamy ice cream for the summer.

The cookbook aptly named The Ultimate Ice Cream Book has a zillion variations for flavors and it makes the process about as easy as it can get. Ginger? Lemon Yogurt Cococut? Pumpkin? Tiramisu? Get your Ben & Jerry vibe going and start pitching all sorts of Add-Ons in! There is also a chocolate sorbet recipe in this book that makes the blackest, richest sorbet you have ever put to your hungry lips.

Go for it. Scream for the ice cream. You know you want to.

2 thoughts on “I’m Going to SCREAM!

  1. You landed the deal with the chocolate sorbet. I had some out of this world chocolate sorbet in Las Vegas and even though the caffeine in the chocolate kept me awake until 3 a.m. it was so worth it.
    I have a Cir LaTable gift certificate in my wallet. It may be time for the ice cream machine.

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