Armchair traveler? Fridge traveler.

There is one of those silly little surveys floating around Facebook right now that asks you “How Many Foods out of 100 Have you Eaten?”. We’re talking relatively interesting foods here. Fois Gras. Pho. Shark. That kind of thing. I’m amused to say that I scored a 63 on this list. Not too shabby. Because of our recent trip to Arizona and the infamous Snake Meatballs, I can now check off  (gulp) snake. Probably won’t have another, but I had those and that was enough to propel me forward by a number. I was sad to see that jellyfish was not on the list because I have eaten that and actually did enjoy it. It had one of the weirdest consistencies EVER (stale ju-ju-bee?), but the flavor was quite good. Who knew? Arg-could have scored me a 64. Who wrote that survey?

Normally, I don’t do the FB surveys (yes, I love question games but no, I don’t feel like giving FB all of my info) although some do result in a good giggle, ie. The name of your first pet + the street you grew up on = your Stripper Name. If that day comes for me (along with Sarah Palin becoming President and snowballs surviving in hell), my name shall be…Pumpkin Maplewood. What a ring to that one. See, I’m giggling as I type this.

What I liked about this survey (the food one, not the stripper one) is that it does actually have the potential to make you try new foods.  Or at least contemplate some of them. C’mon, step out of your culinary box. There’s a heck of a lot out there and to live eating the same foods repeatedly is criminal. Not to mention profoundly boring. We all get into these ruts…have you ever noticed that you probably order the same thing at the Chinese restaurant you go to over and over again despite them having about 100 things on the menu? Or you get the same toppings on your pizza? I know I do, so needless to say, I’m starting to pay attention a bit more when I go to the market or out to eat. Call it a midlife culinary crisis.

One of our summer farmer’s markets officially opened for the season yesterday. YAY! And I went expressly with the intent to buy some new veggie or green that had never been put to my lips before. I love you, winter veggies, but I’m just a little tired of you. Time to say hello to someone new.

What did I buy? I was not quick enough to score the Garlic Ramps…apparently, it’s a dog-eat-dog atmosphere at the Farmer’s Market these days. I did purchase a nice green bunch of Mizuna.

What the heck is Mizuna? Greens. Leafy greens for salad. Kind of pointy, kind of delicate. Kind of new to me.

Verdict: Thumbs down. Didn’t dig the Mizuna. It just tastes, in my humble culinary opinion, too much like you are eating “leaves”. Felt like a cow out in the pasture as I munched on them. Maybe our bunny will like them.

So, ok. My experiment failed. BUT, at least I tried something that looked potentially intriguing. I’ll try again next week. And I’m only out $2 for this little diversion for my taste buds. Less than a latte.

Point is…just try something new. Not much to lose ($2) and lots to gain. Why not? Not only will you score a higher number on the survey, but you might find something that leaves you wondering “where have you been all my life?”

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