The Incredible Lightness of Being

“That’s the thing with magic. You’ve got to know it’s still here, all around us, or it just stays invisible for you.”-Charles de Lint

I’m back. Decided to take yesterday off along with the rest of the world. White jeans and potato salad days, right?

Last week, it rained cats and dogs around here. Ridiculous weather for 5 days in a row. Gray, spritzy, foggy, then some sun, then some more rain. Then buckets of rain. Mama Nature was in a truly schizophrenic state. Since walking outside was a crapshoot (got rained on twice-save the iphone!), I headed for my treadmill in our spooky basement. It’s no glitzy club, but in crummy weather it keeps the thighs in check.

My movie du jour for the treadmill was Eat, Pray, Love. I saw it when it hit the theatres a few years ago and also read the book. Somehow, watching it this time around was much more enjoyable. The first time, the main character Liz just annoyed the pants off of me. Now, not so much. Who know’s what’s changed with my outlook since that premier viewing. Funny how that happens, isn’t it? Granted, it never happens with movies like The Godfather (1 & 2, not 3) or Indiana Jones (1, 2, little bit of 3, forget 4). You love them first to last time and every time in between.

Back to once-annoying Liz. In more than one scene, she is all worked up over the recent demise of her marriage. He didn’t want to go to Aruba, she didn’t want to be married. Whoops! Needless to say, she understands that she has just done a virtual jig on her husband’s heart and now she’s feeling pretty awful about it. Enough to travel to three countries looking for herself and the answers she needs. While in India at an ashram, she wishes that her ex-husband, at some point in his life, will be able to look upon her with “Love and Light” and then just move on to his next thought. I think that’s going to take a while, Liz.

But this got me thinking about Love and Light. I really like that combo of words. To Liz, it was a thought that was all about forgiveness. I think I like the idea of Love and Light being something good that is sent to someone. Here’s hoping that doesn’t sound too ridiculous.

On birthdays, you send someone Wishes. At New Year’s you send people Hope for a new beginning. When a baby is born, you proclaim Congratulations. Think of all these great sentiments that are bestowed on you during your lifetime.

I still like this Love and Light thing. My version. Not Liz’s. It just sounds magical and packed with super good things. Like a sparkling ball of light that a fairy would hurl at you. Or a mega-vitamin for your heart. Can’t you tell I’ve been reading lots of fairy stories to one of my daughters? I think we need to send more Love and Light to people in our lives. For both big and small things. The best kind of ju-ju around.

(Sidenote: This was great…my daughter has to keep a reading journal and mark the books she’s read as Fiction or Non-Fiction. She matter-0f-factly told me recently, as she was filling out her journal, that Fairies are real, therefore those books are Non-Fiction. I didn’t have the heart to correct her.)

This L & L (almost sounds like a power company, doesn’t it? Hmm…funny coincidence) idea has really stuck with me because a friend of mine that I recently reconnected with on Facebook needs to be on the receiving end of Love and Light this week. Oodles of it. And beyond. She is on the threshold of a tremendous battle that will consume the rest of her year and no doubt, stay with her for the rest of her life. As she begins this, I will be sending all the Love and Light that I can to her. My hope is that it somehow, someway, will make some magic happen that will make her path a little less rugged.

Tap into that magic. Conjure good thoughts. Send it along to someone and that energy will let them know you are thinking of them. Or loving them. Or just being with them.

Good ju-ju is never a bad thing.

9 thoughts on “The Incredible Lightness of Being

    1. D’oh. That was supposed to be a link DIRECTLY to the 1:27:09 time-mark. Please slide the time-slider to that time-mark to see my reaction to this sentiment.

  1. I never saw the movie because the “Pray” part of the “Eat, Pray, Love” book bored me to tears. Loved the “Eat” and “Love” parts… just took *forever* to get through thr “Pray” part.

    In any case… I’ve heard the “love and light” phrase used so I looked it up…. mostly (and where I’d heard it previously) it is used by alternative healers… this is what I found (the “we” refers to alternative healers): “As we all know about the colors of our Chakras, most of us are able to understand that these seven colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet are an important part of our life. When we people talk of Light, it means white light, which is formed by mixing these seven colors, i.e, we wish that your seven Chakras are balanced and your health, wealth and finances are in good shape.
    When we say ‘Love’ to you, it just means that your life is full of love and you are truly loved by all around you. We always wish you to have a love filled happy life and that your life itself is a blessing.”

    I also found that it is used with the Buddhists- “Love and Light is a Buddhist teaching about the willingness to see all things with a compassionate and all-accepting eye.”

    In either case….a nice sentiment

  2. I recently sent “Love and Light” to a friend who lost her mother quite unexpectedly and was plunged into deep grief and mourning. I was struggling with words to say and that phrase just seemed so right. It can be used in so many ways and is always a beautiful sentiment. I do love your posts! They speak to my heart on so many levels!

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