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Give me (or him) a B!

Selective Splurges. That’s what it’s all about.

Easier said than done, too.

Some have mastered it (see the book “French Women Don’t Get Fat”. It’s in my bathroom right now) and others try. Group me in latter right now but I’m aspiring to be in the former.

As I told you, it’s been “the birthday month”. Every family seems to have one of those months, where an inordinate amount of birthdays fall in the same 30 or so days. Ours is May. Zany, zany, zany. Add Mother’s Day, kid’s end-of-year activities and I’m lucky if I can see straight by the 31st.

One afternoon this month, a curious package arrived on our doorstep. A big box marked “Perishable”. My husband and I were both puzzled. Hadn’t ordered anything recently. Didn’t recognize the return address…Wisconsin? And perishable? What was IN here?

I don’t know about you, but I love getting mail. Old fashioned, in the mailbox, stamped with cute stamps mail. Packages are even better, because you rarely get BAD mail in the form of packages. This box turned out to be a very creative and very thoughtful gift for my husband from friends of ours. They obviously know him well.

My husband carefully started to unwrap the box….there’s a box in a box. A styrofoam box. Hmm. This is getting interesting. He opens the lid….moves aside several ice packs…and…..gasps.

Yes, the man actually gasped.

What was in the box? Bacon.

3 lbs. of special bacon made by a special smokehouse in Wisconsin. Oh my.

See where I’m going with the splurge thing being completely worth it sometimes? We cooked one of the packs this weekend and it left the entire family speechless at breakfast. This was the best bacon we had ever put to our lips. Big, small, old, young. We were all in piggy heaven.

I’m not joking. Worth every calorie. Worth every scrumptious bubble of grease. I can’t believe I’m talking about bacon this way. Smokey…sweet…caramely…slightest bit of salt….aahhhhhh. Deep flavor. Rich finish. Even the pancakes on the plate next to the bacon were thinking they were the luckiest pancakes in the universe.

I mention this bacon for one reason. Father’s Day. The reaction from my husband followed by the realization that this, indeed, may be the best bacon on earth, compels to me tell you this might be the wackiest, most creative, crazy…AND most loved gift you can possibly give. Ok, fine, if you want to really score, sit 3 lbs. of it on the seat of a Maserati and just call it a day. A life.

Show Dad the love this year. Bacon from Nueske’s in Wisconsin. Let him splurge .

2 thoughts on “Give me (or him) a B!

  1. Too funny! So glad it was a hit! A friend of ours once said that everyone has a bacon story. Now Corey does! Bacon, bacon, bacon…

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