Ok, well, this is a little embarrassing. I apparently got out over my skis a little bit.

I thought today was going to be my 100th post. It’s all written and ready to go. I hit publish this morning and it tells me that I’m only at 99.

Are you kidding me?

So, here I am post-less. Again. This happened with the macarOns, remember? Nasty feeling for a blogger who is trying to stay on top of things.


So. 100th post is coming TOMORROW. I’ll see what I can drum up for today, just give me a bit. Nothing like starting your day under the gun, lol.

Have a good morning!

****this p.s. is being written hours after the earlier part of this message. I cannot correct this Whoops with another post, as that would make THAT one my 100th. Sorry, folks. 99 was not my best day, lol. See you all tomorrow for Number 100!******

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