The Crow Attempts to Fly

A real Crow.

And the Crow Pose in yoga.

And last week, I managed to get my crow to fly. Sort of.

The idea of goal-setting in yoga (or anything athletically based) is something that is new to me. Remember I told you that one of my biggest regrets of childhood was never latching on to a sport? This whole physical competitive/goal-setting thing is foreign thinking. Since it’s happening now with yoga, I’m guessing that this is my signal that the practice is resonating with me in a way that it hasn’t before. Crow has become one of my goals. Along with the crazy Bird-of-Paradise.

Here’s the flower.

And here’s the pose.

From one bird to another. Paradise has been attained (still trying to really get that leg extended, though) and my Crow is attempting to take flight. She came close last week. Thank goodness for pillows, that’s all I can say. Without them as my little safety “stack”, shall we say (I was slightly leaning my forehead a LITTLE bit on them), the fear of falling smack onto my face and breaking my nose would almost be too great. Can you imagine that conversation? “How did you break your nose, April?” Answer: “A crow”.

For several seconds here and there within a few attempts, I did manage to get my feet up off the ground and bring my toes together in mid-air. Holy cow. Better yet, Holy Crow. I did it! This crow of mine is not sailing through the air just yet, but it’s flapping it’s wings like crazy trying to lift off from that branch and look as cool and smooth as the other crows.

I tell you, though, the feeling of “I did it!” is a great thing. When you are a kid, you accomplish things right and left (literally…this is left. That is right) and with great frequency. Learn to walk. Talk. Write. Read. Graduate from elementary school. Win awards. And on and on.

As adults, we certainly accomplish things but it seems the things that we work on are just so much bigger and take so much longer AND there just isn’t the fanfare as when you are a kid. You’re expected to accomplish things as an adult (no slackers allowed) but where are our gold stars and ribbons and certificates? As adults, we get “satisfaction”. Maybe a bonus. Maybe the occasional medal or award but generally, it’s “satisfaction”. Humph. Satisfaction with whipped cream and a cherry on top.  Guess that will have to do, she says with a giggle.

Seriously though, when I came out of that (albeit brief) crow pose, I almost felt like a kid again. I did it! If moonbeams shot from the ends of my hair (reference George, from It’s a Wonderful Life), I couldn’t have been more surprised or pleased. Picture me totally trying to contain myself and act like a cool yogini when what I really wanted to do was jump up and down whooping with  joy and high-fiving all my fellow yoginis. Gold star for me that morning.

Regardless of whether your gold-star is self-appointed or given by someone else, adults need those moments, too.

Get out on that branch and try to fly.

2 thoughts on “The Crow Attempts to Fly

  1. “When you are a kid, you accomplish things right and left”…so true!! During my studies for my Early Childhood Education degree, during sophomore year, everyone was required to take a year long course called “Human Growth and Development”.. first semester was dedicated to ages birth to five… second semester was on ages five through death. This seemed tremendously unbalanced to me, so I asked why we spent an entire semester on five years and a semester on the remaining 75ish. The professor explained it was because humans learn more in the first five years of life than they do during the entirety of the rest of their lives! How is that possible? But when you think about the first five years being the time of most of language, congnitive, physical emotional, and social skill aquisition, it’s no wonder. And, it also seems unbalanced to me that during a time when people ARE attaining new skills nearly every day, they are getting the most accolades for these new skills…. whereas, adults, who need to work harder to aquire new skills, get nothing!! SO… rock on with ya’ bad self with working on that crow pose!! I applaud your dedication to giving yoga a try, sticking with it, and working through those tough poses!!! Whooo hooo!!

  2. I love what you wrote and how true…let’s hand out gold-stars to adults AND kids alike! Teaching an old dog is just as good as teaching a young dog new tricks! 🙂

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