The Very Little Things

Yes, I’m here. Just had a late night last night and slow start this morning. But, I’m back in the game now, swimming along side the rest of you.

It seems that there are countless articles about gratitude these days. Books, magazine articles, blogs. Be grateful for all that you have and if you do, your world will seem brighter…that’s the general gist. It is true, though. You know when you are having those crazy-horrible days where literally every little thing just does not seem to go well? On every turn, from the moment you wake up until the moment you plunk your head on your pillow at night (of relief…it’s over!)…it was about 17 hours of pure annoyance. We’ve all had them and not to play the female card, but us girls do seem to have those days each and every month. You know it’s true. And it’s a bear to live through.

But gratitude. There are some days when you seem to actually notice the little things and they, in turn, keep your soul afloat. Maybe the day has a slower pace to it, maybe you got a great night’s sleep the night before and are actually firing on all cylinders for a change, maybe you woke up happy…whatever it is, you key into the good things in your day. And gratitude and goodness abounds on those days. We need to really save a few from those days and put them in our back pocket for the other days, right? But then again, the other days fuel these days. And so it goes.

Some tiny little things I have noticed lately that just make the day either slightly more amusing, sweet or just plain easier. Thank goodness for them, that’s all I can say….

-Finding the pistachios in the bag that have fallen out of their shells. No prying necessary.

-Using the last of the milk first thing in the morning for child #1’s cereal and phew! I DID remember to get more! I have no clear recollection of buying that extra carton, but score! there it is!…child #2 is now all set for their cereal. There is a God.

-Doing the laundry, sorting it out and realizing that you have a match for every sock that was washed. Somehow, none disappeared into the laudry-eather.

-A light blows and you, for once, have an extra lightbulb. And it’s even the correct wattage.

-You’ve done errands all week and not really looked at your fuel gage. Somehow, you glance down and see that you are on empty…just before it starts raining and you have 4 different places to shuttle the kids to that evening. Close one there.

-The day ends and you realize that your kids did not squabble once all day nor give you grief about doing homework, taking showers, or what you served for dinner. In fact, there was even a compliment about the food.

-After days of rain, you wake up and actually see sun through your window.

-You hit a perfect stride on your walk. The top part of your body is merely along for the ride and the bottom part is working it something fierce.

-No bills in the mail today. Just the new issue of Travel and Leisure.

-You find a $5 bill in the pocket of your jean jacket. Hello, surprise latte. The pocket gods are treating today.

-You take your jeans out of the dryer and there are no Cirque-du-Soleil contortions involved in zipping them up. Life is good.

-Your Kindle dies. The person on the LiveChat at Amazon is actually insanely helpful AND has a sense of humor. Not only do they give you a new Kindle at a discounted price but they ship it so fast, it’s almost like they were hiding in your bushes.

-You realize that somehow, someway, you did, in fact, get. it. all. done. No stress. No breakdowns. Not even pure exhaustion at the close of day. Huh. Fancy that.

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