Commence to Commence

Here it is.

The Last Day of School.

Here already? Where was February? Didn’t we JUST have an Easter Egg hunt? Hold on because I’m STILL finding petrified silly string in my yard…from Halloween. Yikes!

Now it’s time for sunscreen and camp and fireflies. Part of me says let time fly then, because this is good stuff we are heading into. Part of me wants to dig my heels into the ground, toddler-style, and say that no!  no! no! we are JUST NOT moving forward yet again because that means 1. You (the kids) are getting older and 2. I’m getting older. And hey, wasn’t it a good year and let’s not wave it goodbye just yet? How can we make things sloooow down…just a tad?

At the moment, there are no BIG graduations in sight, but the end of each school year is still a commencement. Maybe there are no pointed hats or unbreathable, polyester, odd-colored gowns but each June signals the start of something new and exciting.

From the kids’ perspective, it’s time to start summer. It’s all about immediate gratification and what’s staring them in the face. They can’t empty those desks and lockers fast enough and start to sleep in. Frankly, I’m planning to do that tomorrow morning. I’ve given myself permission to sleep in and move through the day as if I was slogging through molasses. No hurry…no hurry…summer is here.

From the parent’s perspective, it’s slightly different. What did we learn this year? What worked? What was an epic fail? What things do we want to remember for next year? How did they progress? What do we need to work on (a bit) over the summer? Oh yeah, and did I remember to send in that check for camp that starts in 2 weeks?

Some endings, such as the school year, are the ultimate Chocolate-Covered Pretzel. They are sweet and salty at the same time. But do, ultimately, work.

Enjoy the end but savor the beginning. That’s what’s it’s all about.

That, and, sleeping in tomorrow.

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