Just moments ago, I paid attention to my intuition and it totally paid off.

It wasn’t an instance of someone being saved from a horrible death or even something amazing like winning the lottery (should have picked number 12!), but it was intuition just the same.

My intention today was to go for an early morning walk, as I usually do. Kids are still asleep, husband hasn’t left for work yet…one hour for me. I love seeing the neighborhood wake up. Early morning and dusk are my favorite times to walk. Seeing things wake up and then seeing them settle in the for the evening…you know, when the lights start to come on in houses, the fireflies come out (if it’s summer) and the air cools a bit.

I slept oddly last night so I did not awaken as early as I had hoped. I was an hour off of my start time (that’s how early I like to go out) but thought that I could still get a good 1/2 hour or even 40 minutes in before hubby had to leave.

Jumped up, made the bed (the house resonates as being a mess if the beds are not made, right? To me they are), got my sneakers on, hooked up my iPod and out the door I went.

A Gray morning. Cool Gray, if you are prone to comparing colors to either marker or crayon sets. I am.

Actually,  a great (or what seemed to be) morning for a walk. The air was coolish with a little movement here and there. There was moisture in the air, but pleasantly so. The sky was gray, as I mentioned, and all the leaves and trees looks extra vibrant from the slight rain that we had gotten overnight. Quiet. All seemed quiet.

Happily, I headed out of my driveway and started the music. I only made it to my next door neighbor’s house when I realized (having just rolled out of bed about 15 minutes ago…and eh-hem….I’m not getting any younger) that I needed to stretch for a few minutes. Felt a crink here and a little crink there.

Hello, mailbox. Hello, stretched hamstrings. And looking over my shoulder…hello, darker gray clouds.

They weren’t there a few minutes ago. Cool, clean gray had been covering the sky and now, only moments later, there were actively rolling clouds. And leaves that I actually saw whip up and circle around the tree tops as one of these clouds rolled by. They were sucked up by the clouds. Cool. Still didn’t seem ominous, though. Don’t think it’s supposed to rain at all this morning.

And over beyond those trees, there was a pocket…just a pocket… of dark clouds.

So the great, albeit fast, debate began.

Can I beat the rain? Yeah! Can I squeeze in just a half-hour? Yeah! C’mon…I really wanted to walk! Is that sort-of-clear-ish sky behind that clump of clouds? Question, question, question.

For anyone driving by, they saw a women talking to herself and analyzing the sky. All while stretching at a mailbox.

BUT, intuition kicked in. I remember the moment when I thought to give myself over to it. You won’t make it. It probably looks like you could, but you won’t.

Head back. Go back to your yard. Maybe you can walk later. See what happens. Be patient.

I listened and it paid off.

Within about 7 minutes of stepping in my back door, the sky opened up, kicked off by rumbles and thunder and cracks of lightning. It continues as I write this. Those skies turned in a matter of minutes. It was bizarre.

Huh. Glad I listened.

4 thoughts on “Listen.

  1. My intuition told me to stay in bed this morning, which I happily followed. So nice to just listen to all that pounding rain and thunder, while cozy in my bed (of course with little visitors by then). School is finally out, so it was nice not to have to make lunches and rush the kids out the door!

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