Old is Good

How often do you hear that? Usually the word old makes you cringe, swear, run for the hills.  I mean, c’mon, just the word “M’am” is enough to make you scream on some days. Really? Do I look like a M’am?? I’m wearing 4-inch gorgeous wedge heels and having a great hair day, the toes and nails are painted AND when I stepped on the scale this morning, I was .2 pounds lighter than yesterday. M’am THIS.

And conversely, the day that you actually get carded for buying cough syrup is enough to make you Whoop! with joy. Been there, done that.

Old. Generally not a good term.

But there is one area of life where Old is a very good thing.


Yesterday, I met up with a friend of mine who I have known for a cool 34 years. We met when we were 8 and became fast friends. Besties all through elementary school. School uniforms, our beloved dollhouses, snacks and playtime after school, first crushes on those cute boys when we were in school. We kept in touch when I moved to a different town in our state (for 8th grade) but then, after a bit, the communication lagged and eventually ceased for a while. There was no particular reason (or drama) except for that we were in high school and college and in our own little spheres. Well, thanks to the glory of the internet, we reconnected and have stayed reconnected for many years now.

Yesterday, we had a reunion of sorts. As I said, we’ve been in touch via technology, but haven’t really seen each other in person for probably five or more years. Kids in tow, we arranged to meet in a nearby, cute little town for lunch in front of a well-known restaurant.

Coming up the street with my brood in tow…There she is! I saw her, she saw me, we both stretched out our arms and ran into each other. Hugs, smiles and rolling laughter commenced. For anyone in that small town yesterday, they witnessed the “Good Of Old”. Two friends, a thousand experiences each in our back pockets, but somehow the comfort and joy remain after all these years. I wonder what my kids where thinking at that moment. I don’t think they’ve really seen their mom run down the street to someone. I do get the biggest rise out of my kids seeing me in new lights…when they say “I didn’t know Mom could do that” or “I didn’t think Mom would do that”. Us Moms, we have to keep the kids on their toes and have some surprises up our sleeves. Keeps things perpetually interesting and there is growth for all.

I hope this scenario happens even when we are old and hobbling down that street to each other. I want to be one of “those” old ladies. My other hope is that my daughters have this same experience. That they connect with some wonderful people in life who make time disappear. Those friends who you can just pick up with again regardless of the time lapses that occur between visits. The friends who knew you when you were first learning how to be a friend. The friends that have seen your evolution, your progression and hopefully lots of wonderful changes. The friends who know your good and bad times and all the little times in between.

The ones that can make your old disappear.

4 thoughts on “Old is Good

  1. Agree! Great post. I don’t know what I would do without my best friend who I don’t remember meeting, because our famiilies were neighbors and we were born 1 month apart

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