Simple Thought

Today, I only have a small and simple thought for you.

This week, I learned the value of friendships and of having close people in your life. Those who actually are not related to you by blood, but who might as well be for the intensity with which you love and cherish them.

They add something unbelievably special to life and help you to travel through it with ease, grace and balance.

Count yourself lucky if you can say that you have these gems in your crown. I know I do.

Have a wonderful, relaxing and happy weekend everyone….see you on Monday!

3 thoughts on “Simple Thought

  1. After my horrible week I can 100% say it was friends, like you, that got me through a living nightmare. It’s still not easy but the outpouring of love and support we received last week was everything we needed. xo

    1. I’m glad you feel that way 🙂 Amazing how friends can morph and be just what you need them to be….funny, silly, inspiring, hopefully, encouraging….glad that they came through for you! xo

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