Grab a Shovel

And make your Summer Bucket List.

I like this idea. You know that I’ve written about my “Life” Bucket List, but I hadn’t even thought about making a seasonal one. Well, I guess I have, I just didn’t think to call it that. But I like it…your Summer SandBucket List. And you know this is a good idea. How many summers have started and you think of all the wonderful, adventurous, ambitious things you’d like to do….read 40 books, paint 3 rooms in your house, take the kids on excursions every single weekend, go camping and entertain friends 3 nights a week, all without chipping a single, perpetually-colored-and-pedicured toenail. Uh-huh. In reality, you do a little of this and a little of that and Ka-POW! it’s the beginning of August and the stores are already showcasing school supplies. So much for simply even getting new noodles for the pool. They went on clearance 3 weeks ago.

But here we are…it’s not even the 4th of glorious July yet! And if you are like me, the summer really starts then. If the kids happen to get out of school well before that date, then it’s all extra frosting. We are standing on the cusp of Summer. Firefly time. Grill everything in site time. Sand in between toes time. Man, I love this time.

What’s going to be in your Summer SandBucket?

I knocked one thing off my list just yesterday. I cooked lobster for the very first time. Ridiculous, I know, since I grew up in New England. I’ve eaten it oodles of times in oodles of ways, but never have I actually cooked one. Yesterday was the day. Melted butter was calling my name and corn-on-the-cob was singing backup. I will fess up and say that I didn’t do the dirty work. The boiling pot of water/submerge the lobster was something I knew I could handle (no lobster-killer issues here) but I was looking for the BEST way to cook them and we found it. Grill them. The lovely man at the fish counter suggested this, but when he said that I’d have to split them up their middles to grill them, I knew I couldn’t do that. Enough is enough. Not there yet. So I batted an eyelash and he was my hired hitman for three unsuspecting crustaceans.

He split them, they flopped into the bag and away we all trotted home. Later, we met up with some aluminum foil (for grilling pouches), little pats of butter, fresh tarragon and lemon wedges. Dead as they were, those lobsters looked perfectly content all wrapped up in these fabulous accessories.

A while later, my husband flared the grill and in eighteen short minutes, they were done and perfect. This was crazy simple. No need for the tacky, plastic bibs because they weren’t in boiling water and filling their claws! No need for giant pots of water heating your kitchen to a volcanic temperature on an already hot day! There wasn’t even a pot to clean because they were on the grill in foil! Woo-hoo! Just butter, corn, a clawcracker (aka nutcracker), a lobster pick and a smile.

Call me happy. And I’ve only filled my SandBucket with one thing so far. Summer is looking good.

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