Escape and Stay Grounded

I read a great line recently…You are the dreams that you have. 

Isn’t that just a delicious thought? You can take it two ways, as well. First, all the daydreams, nighttime dreams and mental escapes that you have…they are all a part of your very core. They are the subconscious speaking to you in a very unique and completely free way.

This is what you love. This is where you love. This is who you love. Where you want to travel. What you want to see. To experience. To taste. To smell. To touch. To become.

Big dreams, tiny dreams. Dreams all the same.

Or secondly, make dreams propel you. You will evolve as you travel towards that spot. That goal.  One of my daughter’s favorite quotes is “Aim for the moon, that way, even if you miss you’ll still be amongst the stars” by W. Clement Stone. It really is such a saccharine-sweet sentiment (it almost begs to have little hearts and bubbles hovering around it) but you know, it’s a great thought once you crack that hard, sugar coating. Aim high. High enough that if you don’t hit that goal, you’ll still be in a good place. This can work for dreams, too. I don’t see why not.

Allow yourself big, luscious, scrumptious dreams. Goal-type dreams or those dreams that you just swim around in for pure, sheer pleasure. I’ve found that in the flurry of day-to-day life, when you allow yourself time to daydream it actually grounds you and keeps you moving forward in a creative way. At least it does for me. It’s sort of the mental equivalent of “retail therapy”.You can have these dreams, these wonderful encompassing thoughts, look at them, fawn over them but then just place them gently back on the shelf without actually having done anything concrete with them. Somehow, this can lift you. You allowed yourself to go there. To have that dream. Can any of us outside the cinematic realm really fly off  to Tuscany at a moment’s notice, taking only a carry-on, a camera and an appetite for adventure? Nope, didn’t think so.

BUT you can imagine it. You can think about it so much that you start to believe it’s going to happen. You can feel the slight breezes there that ripple the fields of sunflowers. You can taste the local wine and amazing morsels of food. You can feel your feet pass over the old cobblestones in the village. You can feel yourself be deliriously happy.

And since you’ve thought it and it’s out there in the big, ol’ Universe, maybe it just might happen. Someday.

But at this moment, it not only gives you something to hope for but something to wrap yourself in. Like the fluffiest, most broken-in perfect blanket you could ever imagine. Divine-any way you slice it.

Or imagine it, wink wink.

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