Just. Be.

Just Be.

Two things happened to me yesterday that confirmed this simple philosophy about life.

First, I was driving my kids to their camp in the morning and one of my daughters piped up that she  is not ready for school to start yet.

What? We are not even halfway through the summer. I was confused.

You see, my other daughter’s pair of sandals decided to die this week. Panic struck me when that strap snapped. I’m supposed to now hunt down a pair of summer sandals…IN JULY??? Target is clearing their summer stuff already to make way for fall and I just got the Lands’ End backpack catalogue…You MUST be joking. I’m really not in a search-for-a-needle-in-a-haystack mood.

So, given all the talk about the early onset of fall in the world of retail, my daughter somehow began to think that the summer was dwindling. Thank you, Lords of Consumerism. Really, really, really…do we need to rush things always??

Suffice it to say, I launched into a little speech about enjoying the moment, savoring the days,  and hello! there are still about seven weeks left to vacation (no piddly amount). We can’t rush through them even though catalog companies and stores would like us to start planning our Halloween costumes now.

And second, yesterday there was a perfect peach.

Last night, as I was on the computer and desperately trying to stay away from the ice cream in the freezer, I sliced open a peach that was in my grandma’s Jadeite bowl on the counter.  Peaches can be a real crapshoot…sometimes they look great on the outside and then you bite in and they are mealy and dry. Ugh. Talk about a letdown. But when they are perfect, they are perfect.

This one was perfect. Firm-ish to slice, but as soon as it was in half and that pit was out, I knew it would be a winner. It was warm from being on the counter and that made it all the more juicy. It was juicy to the point that it quickly fell into the non-date-food-catagory (not that I’m dating). What a blissful mess. Juice was dripping down my chin and I was trying to slurp it up without losing a drop. It was heaven. No mealiness, just pure silky, utterly ripe peachness.

The moral of these two little stories?…Just Be.

Be in the moment. Slow down. Savor.

It’s fabulously scrumptious.

4 thoughts on “Just. Be.

  1. So true about the perfect peach. Rare but so special and life-affirming that we keep slogging through mealy and mediocre peaches just for that one memorable moment of deliciousness. Had that recently with freshly picked strawberries still warm from the sun!

  2. Two things . . . “Just Be” is my new mantra, and I am replacing “Enjoy every sandwich” with a search for the perfect peach. It is so worth it!

    P.S. – I walked into a Hallmark shop yesterday for a card, saw that they were about to unveil their Christmas ornaments . . . and I walked out, lest I give the poor clerk a tongue-lashing!

    1. Good for you! Hallmark is horrible about this. They might as well just go for broke and stock every item for every holiday at once, lol. Enjoy the peaches this summer and your moments of Ahhhhhh!

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