Uncanny…Maybe, Maybe Not

Despite the fact that I’m not into astrology, after having the same astrological tidbit cross my path twice today, I felt like the gods (or the stars) were trying to tell me something. Or at least give me something new to blog about. You know when those things happen…a song that you haven’t heard since high school is suddenly on the radio multiple times in the same week… or a term that have never known surfaces several times in different conversations in a short period of time…just those crazy, multiple coincidences?

Like the time my husband came home from work and I asked him if he liked Dark and Stormies (a fabulous rum drink that I love). He stepped back a few steps after telling me that just a few days prior, a co-worker asked him if he’d like to go out for Dark and Stormies after work. Before that time, he had never even heard of one before.

That kind of coincidence.

Well, today the astrological occurrence known as “mercury in retrograde” was presented to me. First in my morning yoga class (by my teacher, who is also not into astrology) and then by a magazine that I picked up randomly about an hour later.

Yes, I flipped open one of those free magazines (at the juice bar, post yoga) and there it was in big, bold lettering..Mercury In Retrograde (lower your voice by two octaves when you say this). Yikes. Sounds serious.

Basically, when mercury is doing this thing that it’s doing (I can’t even begin to explain it AT ALL…remember, I’m not a science/planet person), not much is going to go right until about August 9th. Don’t sign any contracts, don’t operate machinery, don’t use any technological things (yeah, that should be easy). Huh. That’s the long and short of the situation, according to The Astrologers. Ummm…but that’s two and a half weeks away….


Nah, I don’t believe in that stuff.

But then again…as I looked around my life at this precise moment…

-My freezer is out-of-control cold. Ice cream is unchippably rock-hard. The guy at the appliance repair shop told me that I was the first person during this heat wave to call with this problem. He actually laughed when he said it.

-I’ve been “cleaning up” way-too-much after our 19 year-old cat. Won’t go into details, but the smells are starting to make me twitch.

-I found a posse of sugar ants on my living room floor and have been battling them all week. They somehow managed to find the one, itsy-bitsy hairline crack in the wood flooring and I think they have a condo complex down below. They’ve been coming up, conga-line style, but I used a new-found, non-toxic cure-all for sudden extinction. Cream of Wheat. Then Cayenne Pepper. I’ve been waging war on sugar ants…armed with cereal and spice. Somehow, my life has taken a turn. (update: I think I won.)

-I made one batch of chocolate frosting that somehow separated and was unusable. Tasted great, looked atrocious. Back to the store I went, under looming threat of rain/thunder/lightning, to get new ingredients. Thankfully (!), batch number two worked beautifully. That could have been what broke me but the annoyance and mess factor in the kitchen still ranked pretty high.

-I have made four…count ’em….FOUR zucchini breads in the last two days and none of them are edible. I make homemade lemon curd, I do fruit tarts, I make my own marshmallows fo pete’s sake, but I can’t manage a QUICK BREAD (or four) this week? Bad baking ju-ju going on here.

-And my personal favorite and most vexing for the week…My youngest child announced today that she doesn’t like to read. As a “reader”, my heart almost stopped. How to motivate and increase enthusiasm without being overbearing, all the while knowing that we have summer reading to do? Huh. This should be an easy one. Heaven help me.

 So…I’m guessing I have good Ol’ Mercury In Retrograde to thank for all this goodness. I know my blog is generally about the good frosting out there, but sometimes it’s ok to show the bad and the ugly, too. We’re all human. My apologies for ending this week on a crabby-and-venting note, but having something (or some planet) to blame is always cathartic. I blame Mercury.

Better week next week! Take that, Mercury.

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