First Things First

Good morning!

First off this week, I have to acknowledge my two photographers that have been contributing to the newly redesigned Daily Frosting. Jen P. and Charlotte M. are two wonderfully creative women who know their way around a camera. As I have only limited experience, I turned to them to help round out the Frosting with some gorgeous and unusual images. Charlotte has made food and flowers sing across the top of my pages, and Jen gave me I Love You on the Rocks (could be a great drink name) and the water lilies. Hopefully, they will share more with me (and you) in the coming months, because they both have the gift of being able to capture beautiful moments, vivid colors and artful perspectives.  I am thrilled to know you both and be on the receiving end of your creativity!

Secondly…this is your Genie-Consumer tip (anyone remember those) for the day? This is not exciting stuff by any stretch of the imagination, but it worked and I now have to pass it along. It’s my blogger’s duty. I DID, in fact, KILL the sugar ants. They are gone. Muerto. Not a single one doing a conga-line across our living room floor. And the best part was that it was an all-natural solution…Cream of Wheat and Cayenne Pepper. Apparently, they eat the wheat, it expands in their little ant bellies and they die. And Cayenne, well, unless you are from the Bayou, you can only handle a small bit of the stuff. Sorry PETA (do sugar ants fall under their jurisdiction?)!

I first poured a little pile (about 7″ across) of the Cream of Wheat (not cooked, if you a stickler for details) where the ants were congregating. I watched them for two days dismantle that pile, one wheat at a time. It was simultaneously remarkable and revolting. Science needs to find a way to harness this work force and use it for the good of mankind. When it seemed that the party was coming to an end and the wheat was close to gone, I went in for the one-two punch. I sprinkled a rather generous pile of cayenne pepper over the crack in the floor where these little buggers originated. TAD-DAH! Haven’t seen a single ant all weekend.

And lastly…the veggie haul. The zucchini, although prolific, have been a bit of a challenge for me for some unbeknownst reason. My pile of zucchini has not cooperated when it came to recent recipes, but I am determined to win the war, so more attempts may be forthcoming. Cukes were the next thing that came down the CSA pike and so this weekend, I attempted pickles for the first time ever. It was a “standard” quick pickle recipe, not the kind that has you  sterilizing jars and producing pickles that last until the Apocalypse. This was a simple vinegar-ish bath, poured over the cut cukes, let it sit overnight and then start munching until you have heartburn from all of the acid. Done! They look like pickles and they taste like pickles. They are very tangy, but good nonetheless. I want to do some more research into different variations, but for the moment, they are a good snack. I made a pickle. Huh.

Next CSA pick-up is this afternoon..we shall what challenges, I mean vegetables, await!

I know, an odd post for a Monday morning, but somedays are like this…kind of scattered, kind of all-over-the-place, but still good in their own way. And helpful, too. Enjoy your day!

3 thoughts on “First Things First

  1. Oooh, thank you for the lovely introduction! It’s an honor and pleasure to be a “part” of such a fun & fabulous blog! I love stopping by here each day to read your wit and musings! It’s now a part of my morning routine…drinking my tea while reading Daily Frosting! XO

    1. Nope, no jarring required. It’s a simple one…just be forewarned that the pickles are tangy since there is sugar in the mix, but I’m enjoying them (the kids not so much. Hubby liked).I’ll post the recipe for your tomorrow, if that sounds ok 🙂

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