The Rainbow Connection

(10 Points to my friend Janet who saw this blog post coming…)

Late yesterday afternoon, my girls and I decided that a beach picnic dinner was in order. It had been horribly hot and we thought that this would be a great way to cool down and end the day.

We packed all the gear…people, suits, buckets, dinner in a cooler, towels, beach chair, iced tea for mom…and away we went.

It was a gorgeous late afternoon at our beach.

Until the clouds started to roll in. I could see them over the next town, even thought I saw some rain coming from those gray monsters in the sky. But I couldn’t quite tell which way they were going to go….towards us….out into the water?

They came to us. In the course of about 10 minutes, it went from sunny and glorious to monsoon on the beach. The sky grayed (hello clouds, now right over our heads), the wind whipped up something fierce. Gathering blankets became a challenge. As I looked down the beach, people scattered like ants, all running towards the beach grille food stand for cover, as they knew something was going to happen soon.

By the time we got into the Grille, the rain started to lightly sprinkle. But then when I looked to my left about 40 feet, it was pouring over there. And then within a second, it was pouring over us. Crazy. But cool. Especially since we had made it to the Grille and were standing under the awning, slurping on ice cream cones while watching Mama Nature’s show.

Pour. Pour. Pour. Quick as a flash. We could see the rain on the water. The horizon line had blurred, but not to the left of us. The rain had left that area of the water already and was moving to the right. Again, major coolness to watch.

And then we saw it. We ALL saw it.

A perfect arching super-bright, super-thick rainbow. It even evolved into a double. And we had beachside seats. Amazing.

I sort of felt like I was in that movie (remake) War of the Worlds for a minute there. You know, when the alien ship (creature) first appears in the New York neighborhood and everyone is huddled around watching, then running and then watching some more.

Same here. Everyone was running and shielding themselves from the torrential rain and then, as it abated, little by little, everyone quieted…and started to creep out from where they had taken cover. Take a look over there…look at that rainbow! Men, women, kids. Everyone stared. Then out came the phones for pics (myself included). It really was a magnificent show. What I loved and was amazed by most was that where the rainbow seemed to meet the water, it glowed.

And as a friend of mine pointed out later, everyone stopped to watch. She had seen it in another area of the city and noticed the same thing. Young, old, men, women…even those that you wouldn’t think would be floored by seeing a rainbow were. How awesome is that?

Nice to know that a rainbow can still stop people in their tracks, isn’t it?

3 thoughts on “The Rainbow Connection

  1. There is still good in the world when we can- as one- continue to find the beauty and magic in a rainbow!!

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