Waste Not

Time. Don’t waste it. Listen to your little voices.

I found out today that our next door neighbor passed away yesterday.  She was 88 1/2 years old and died relatively quickly and painlessly after ending up in the hospital several days ago. She enjoyed her family and friends and we loved having her has our neighbor. She originally lived in our house, years ago, where she raised her two daughters with her husband. He even built our big garage, which still stands today. At one point, they divided the property, built on the other half of it and lived there. At least she did, as her husband died just before they moved in. So, we were neighbors. She loved my girls and watched them periodically. Told them tales of her travels to far off lands and enjoyed their company. She had a good, long life.

Just yesterday, I kid you not, as I pulled out of our driveway and drove past hers, I thought “We haven’t seen her in a several weeks and we should stop in and say a little hello”. Summer has kept us on the move a bit recently.

Now, unfortunately, we can’t. I’m kicking myself something awful and am very saddened that we didn’t have one last visit.

So, moral of the story is simple. Hear the little voice. Listen to it. Take the time. You never know.

The bunny is a little nod to our lovely neighbor-they were her favorite.

2 thoughts on “Waste Not

  1. Growing up, I lived at the end of a long driveway that had 4 houses that shared it. In the first house lived an elderly couple. The husband of that couple and I were good friends…starting at a very young age (4?) I used to walk down the driveway and sit with him on his patio and listen to him tell me stories. We moved from that house when I was 12, and my parents kept in touch with them, I saw them from time to time. He had passed away before my wedding, however, his wife loaned me a piece of lace that he had gotten in Belgium, and I wore it as my veil for my wedding!

    I am sure the girls will remember your neighbor for most of their lives. Those special relationships with elderly people truly make an impression and are so very valuable.

    The things I remember about my old friend: he smoked cigars… he always had Tab soda and Stella Dora cookies for me (the ones shaped like an S)… he travelled the world…he loved his grandkids…his voice was low and gentle…he studied the hand and helped design the handle for Cutco knives (of which we received a full block of from his wife as a wedding gift- lol!)… and he was an avid reader.

    1. Well, I think my dear neighbor can rest easy…if you recall such details as Stella Doro S cookies and the sound of his voice, she’ll be remembered for a good long time 🙂

      I love the story of your wedding veil…that’s awesome and so special….

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