Find the Humor in the Glory

The Olympics crack me up.

Oh, there’s the pageantry, those over-the-top Opening Ceremonies (which I watched with my girls, box of British HobNobs by our side….munch, munch, munch…), the nailbitingly competitive events, the history….it’s all so awe-inspiring.

As for being amused, The Olympics have the uncanny ability of making me feel (and I’ll speak only for myself in this case)…like a sloth who has accomplished almost nothing in her 42 years. I haven’t trained for anything since the age of 2 except….life.  Thankfully, I say this in a joking way because I know that I have my own set of lovely accomplishments, but somehow, the athletes are just SO productive. Or committed. Or crazy. Or maybe a bit of it all. And we just sit around and watch them with our mouths hanging open. Do we (I) wish that we had found “our thing” that early in life? I’m not sure.

I listen to the stories of these mega-athletes….

-Michael Phelps sleeps in a hyperbaric chamber to increase his lung capacity.

-Ryan Lochte has taken to flipping 600-pound tires as part of his workout routine in preparation for these events.

-16 year-old American gymnast McKayla Maroney fell so hard during a floor exercise warmup pass during U.S. nationals about six weeks ago that she broke her nose even though she landed on her back (what???)

-American Gymnast Gabby Douglas’ mom was recounting how when her daughter moved away from the family to train it was the hardest thing that she’s ever had to do and Gabby cried every night because she was so homesick

-One other gymnast mentioned something about not having had dessert in three years (gasp!).

Humph. And I’m sitting on the couch eating HobNobs watching these people and I didn’t even workout this morning. Talk about guilt with a capital G. Oh my. Frankly, I find humor (and awe and amazement) in the extremism of these athletes. They are just SO in another stratosphere that it makes me giggle. A hyperbaric chamber? It has glass sides and everything. He looks like the athletic equivalent of Hannibal Lector. Forget the races and meets, I am almost more interested in the zany details that comprise a top athlete’s life. They’ve been training for years and we just get to see the end results. I want to see what they have for breakfast (something tells me it isn’t Wheaties), the weird things they do when they train and how they even buy clothes to fit their very…er…pumped up frames. We are getting severely shortchanged here, in the world of spectators.

I will absolutely keep watching, as I just love it. Hopefully, it will motivate me just a little bit to get on that treadmill tomorrow or pick up my weights this week.

My hyperbaric bed chamber is on order, so I’ll have to make due until it arrives.

2 thoughts on “Find the Humor in the Glory

  1. American swimmer Grevers is 6’8″…. forget hyperbaric chamber~how does he even find a BED to fit him?????

    1. EXACTLY! yeah, yeah, yeah, he can swim faster than the speed of light, but show us how he finds a place to sleep and how many calories he consumes in a day, lol!

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