Good Finds

I Dream of…

Bora Bora. Or Tahiti. Or Fiji. Any of those islands that are clumped in that corner of the world. French Polynesia…Let’s just go with that. It covers them all. That’s my dream trip, in fact. If someone handed me a plane ticket and said “Pick a place”…I’d be headed to the land of clear, aqua water where thatched bungalows hover over that water.

You know how there are some words that you just love…they way they roll off your tongue or the images that they conjure? Well, two of mine are attraversiamo (if any of you saw the movie Eat, Pray, Love, you’ll know this word) and Tahiti, hands down. If it says Tahitian-anything on the label, I will buy it. Cosmetics, sorbets, paint swatches. Bring it on and wrap me in it. I even love the way the word looks, as insane as that sounds, never mind the pictures it paints in my mind.

Switching gears from my last few, more serious posts, I’m going to share this little find with you. My dear cousin L actually is the original discoverer, and I have been lucky enough to receive it for my birthday. It’s now become my much-loved, continually replenished gift from her and I adore it. I’m mentioning it because 1. the scent of it is insanely amazing and it reminds of what I think French Polynesia smells like if a whole string of islands could have a signature scent  and 2. the holidays are coming.

You heard that correctly. I’m one of those total nuts that starts shopping for the holidays in the summer. Why??? Because I like to take my time. I like stumbling on gifts in my travels. I will also admit that I like hitting sales and you never hit a sale when you need one (ie. December 21st). I’ve got a few gifts under my belt already, courtesy of some great summer sidewalk sales that happened earlier in the summer. Go me! Or you. Or whoever the recipient of these gifts is.

Start your holiday shopping fingers tapping, be a nut like me and go online to I go bananas for the Vanilla Coconut (how very fruit-smoothie of me) body scrub. Ooo…exfoliate me! This stuff is amazing. I’ve started just using it on my hands, too, as it gives you that little pampering-manicure feel without the actual real manicure if you are in a pinch. Do it at night, slather some lotion on and drift off into Tahitian dreams.

If a carte-blanche plane ticket is not being handed over at the moment, then at least hand your body (or someone else’s) over to this scrub. And scrub a dub-dub a la the French Polynesians.

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