I Clicked My Heels

I know I’ve written a million (or so it seems) posts about the little things in life that just make it so much better. This was another instance and as soon as I experienced it, I wanted to pass it along.

While on vacation…you know, in that place where time slowed down and we totally unplugged…ah, heaven! Life is simpler…nature provides the bling to the day, you drive with a bit less urgency, walk a little more and take notice of the little things that you tend to miss in the helter-skelter of the non-vacation everyday.

I hopped into the grocery store one afternoon. It’s a tiny store in the middle of town, not crazy small (like a bodega in NYC) but it’s no Super Stop and Shop, either. It’s the grocery store that existed before the big guys blew into town (which, in this town, they haven’t yet-nice to see). The aisles are smaller and shorter, although they have everything that you need. Plenty of selection to put together a good meal and stock the house with supplies. They even have the special local coffee and red pepper jelly that I love, so it’s not like you have to “get by”.

So I made the rounds and gathered everything that I needed but ended up in the produce aisle looking for kale (no surprise there, me looking for kale). They only had two wilted bunches left and that wasn’t going to do for my salad. An older-looking teenager was stocking veggies nearby so I hesitantly asked if there was any more. I was waiting for the answer that drives me completely bananas, which is “all we have is on the shelf” and then they proceed to look through the stack that you just looked through, as if you missed something. Well, it was my lucky day because I was now interacting with someone who was smiling at me, agreeing with me that the kale that was there was wilted AND we was going to happily check the back for me. ???? Seriously? When does this happen? He didn’t grunt, he actually looked me in the eye and was friendly to the point I thought I was on candid camera. Well, no kale was found, but he pointed me in the direction of other fresh veggies and wished me a wonderful day.

Huh, we’re not in Kansas anymore.

Second moment in this grocery store…while in the checkout, the cashier actually pointed out, in a nice way, that my bag of  lettuce that was totally open along the bottom (wasn’t supposed to be). If I had been at my big, impersonal,grocery store at home, I’m betting that it would have just gone through the checkout, only to be discovered at home by me while I was unloading the groceries and then this, of course, would lead to me swearing a blue streak because I’d have to run my zillionth errand of the day. For one bag of lettuce.

But really, the clincher to this place was this….they happily bag (and bag well, not putting just two measly items in a bag, or conversely, completely overloading it) your groceries AND they bring them out to your car for you AND they even load the car AND they won’t accept a tip. The first time I went there, it sort of creeped me out a little bit…why is this teenager following me and holding my groceries hostage? My independent-woman sensibilities were also a touch offended…I can do this myself. But then I thought…”what are you? crazy? if this kid wants to load the car, LET HIM LOAD THE CAR!” For once, someone is smiling and offering to just do something nice.

We are most certainly NOT in Kansas anymore.

I was tickled pink all the way home. Just because a few people treated me nicely in the grocery store (a place I usually despise going) and they loaded the car for me. The loading-the-car thing really was awesome. It is a total shame that stores don’t do that anymore because it’s SUCH a nice little perk. I love the little perks in life. I may be slightly high-maintenance in some ways, but in other ways, I’m not.

Just load the car for me and smile and you will have made my day.

4 thoughts on “I Clicked My Heels

  1. I have lived in the Tampa Bay for over two years. I STILL get a kick out of scenarios like what you described. I was born in Hudson County NJ – what is considered the “6th Borough of Manhattan.”

  2. So sweet what you wrote. I love, love, love your Blog!!! Thanks for putting a smile on my face each day when I read your posts.

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