Throw Some Confetti

The day is here. Back to school. Happy? Sad? I’ll call it bittersweet.

I don’t know about you, but I love new school supplies. The total geek in me rears it’s ugly head and secretly loves going school supply shopping with my kids. There’s something about everything being so crisp and new. Everything orderly and shiny bright. The whole school year stretching before you and hoping with all your might that it will be a good one and THIS will be the year that I stay organized. Am I talking about the kids or me? Who knows.

HAHAHAHAHAHA. I love a good dream, don’t you?

Yes, and we all can dream and do our best. I remember, clear as a bell, thinking in high school that I would keep up! keep up! keep up! with my French class and really get it and stay on top of it….this year. I wouldn’t fall behind and get left in the dust. Humph. That didn’t work out so well. Bonjour! In my mind I am a raging francophile, who has a far greater knowledge of the language than I really do. Maybe I’ll end up mastering Rosetta Stone classes in my retirement and go to my grave uttering in French.

The beginning of the school year always signals a New Year to me. Forget January 1st. At that point, you are worn out from the holidays, the cold weather has set-in and all you want to do is hibernate, eat carb-laden foods and drink hot chocolate with swirls of wonderous whipped cream. Who REALLY has the energy to think about, let alone commit, to resolutions then? Not I. I’ll cast some broad-sweeping “hopes” in January and try to keep to them, but I don’t kill myself over it.

Instead, September is my month. Happy New Year! The kids are going back to school, I can hear myself think again and hopefully pay attention to and focus on what they are telling me. The thoughts, that is. Even though it’s still warm out, autumn is around the corner and, I don’t know about you, but fall energizes the heck out of me. Just the thought of it revs my engines…..rawr! I’m a fall girl. Crisp weather, golden sun…bring on the projects and the good intentions, I am motivated to actually get them done! That’s why I use this time of the year as my New Year. New thoughts, new ideas, commitments. Now’s the time for re-assessing, re-doing or re-attempting. Good  starts and good ju-ju!

I’m going to sharpen a brand new Ticonderoga and make some notes for the New Year….

We will open the book.  Its pages are blank.  We are going to put words on them ourselves.  The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.  ~Edith Lovejoy Pierce


6 thoughts on “Throw Some Confetti

  1. Fall is definitely my favorite season… but I have a hard time letting go of summer vacation. Once I stop kicking and screaming, I will embrace Fall with open arms….

  2. As my swami insisted, there’s good reason the Jewish new year begins in the autumn, with the harvest. The way, from the first chapter of Genesis, the full day begins at sunset.
    Even in the classroom, I suppose, this time of year is a kind of sunset, preparing for the evening. We’re settling in, setting the table, turning the lights on. Where I live, the ocean’s finally warm enough for some delightful swimming, though the air makes warming up afterward difficult. You savor these last moments, realizing as well the absence of children, off in their classrooms. Soon, the foliage will turn in what we hope will be another glorious grand finale, and then, well, we’ll be in the equivalent of night.
    In that sense, January 1st is midnight — staying up for the big ball. But midnight, too, has an artificial ring, depending on a mechanical (or these days electronic) clock, rather than the natural rhythm of dusk and dawn. And by then, the confetti will likely be snowfall.

  3. I loved smellng freshly sharpened pencils in the classrooms, the teachers and students had such energy this morning. Let’s reinvigorate the mind, add some new school shoes and a dash of courage to reach out for the next level of knowledge and new and re-kindled friendships this new year!

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