Be An Island

New school year, vacation time is over, kiddos are back doing their thing in school and now I am free to move about the cabin, doing my thing.

Hello, yoga class. It’s nice to see you again!

Over the summer, I attended a handful of classes but those petered out towards the end…family vacation happened and then I wanted to clock as much time with my girls to do fun end-of-summmer things (trip into the city, mini-golfing, movies, playing tennis) for the time we had left. Must make hay while the sun is shining…or the school bell isn’t ringing.

As my physical practice of yoga was sporadic, I tried to focus on the mental aspect of yoga this summer. A lifelong practice beginning Summer 2012. Almost sounds like a movie trailer. I have a magnet on my fridge (which seems rather un-yoga-like to me…yogis and magnets?) which I glance at often and it continually drives home the message of yoga.

“Yoga is seeing life the way it is”-Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

I love this. So insanely simple yet so insanely challenging. Ah, those yogis (and if you say Patanjali’s name with an emphasis on the second syllable, he sounds like a pitcher for the Yankees).

But this morning, I was back in class and the yoga gods rewarded me…I was the only one who showed up, so private lesson for me! Another “love that”.

It felt so good to be back. There’s no other way to say it. My body and mind were craving it and jumping for joy that I was treating them to this. Hello, yoga mat. Hello, yoga clothes. Hello, water bottle. It was a like a reverse Good night, Moon.

At one point in the class, my teacher and I were doing tree pose. Again, simple yet challenging. Baby, I was working that tree. Not faltering, foot crooked up at the top of my supporting leg, arms stretched overhead a la full branches. A beautiful tree. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw my instructor falter a tad. At which point, I then faltered.

It’s ridiculous how this snowball effect can happen in a yoga class. We’re lucky we don’t all tumble like dominos some days.

This got me thinking about outside forces and their pull on you. Or me. Up in my tree.

As the school year is in full swing, there are so many things pulling moms. Activities, homework, coordinating schedules, volunteering…forget all the non-school things I (you) do in a day. Oodles. It’s easy to get swept up in the flow and lose your footing. I have seen many moms who merely seem as though they are along for the ride…chaos is ruling the roost and they are remiss to do anything to calm it down. Away they go, rushing on by, barely coming up for air….oh, I’ve had my moments like that, too. I think everyone who has kids does. But, I also strive to not let it dictate me. I hope I am in charge, not the chaos.

There has to be a way to keep your footing. Hence, be an island. Your own lovely, little island. Weather the storms. Remain strong. Be a beacon, not a lost soul adrift.

I thought of that during my tree pose…for a few moments there, I was an island, but then something else exerted pull on me and compromised my focus. Time to tune in and focus and become that island. No matter how many errands, children, commitments you have. You will not be swayed.

You can call me Tahiti.

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