Da Bomb

Have you heard of yarn bombing? or Yarnstorms, as they are also called? This is cracking me up to no end.

I was driving through a neighboring town of mine about a week ago and while stopped at the light, I noticed that the surrounding trees….little cherry trees…had been “yarn bombed”. Just the term is enough to make me laugh. Their little trunks were wearing what seemed to be yarn legwarmers. Or trunkwarmers, as the case may be. They had bands of various colors, lending them a somewhat Dr. Seuss-y effect, they seemed to be nicely made and  were very intentional. These yarn things didn’t just land in these trees.  How they got ON the trunks is a mystery. Another mystery being how long will they remain there? Followed by when were they knitted onto that tree and did anyone see it happen? It’s like Disney World…no one actually sees a garbage can getting emptied, but somehow they are always empty and never overflowing as in other parks. Ah, the sweet mysteries of life.

This “nice” graffiti (technically illegal, although “not often prosecuted vigorously” per Wikipedia…really? LOL… I think I may pee my pants here. Can you imagine….”yes sir…we have caught the infamous and illusive Yarn Bomber“. Move over Ted Kaczynksi) started in the Netherlands in 2004 and is now cropping up all over the planet. In somewhat small doses, because honestly, how much can someone knit? I still want to know the system…do they target and then knit or just knit, knit, knit and find something to wrap. At this point in the conversation, I’m hearing my husband say “you are wasting brain power on this…”.

Wikipedia defines yarn bombing as “…reclaiming and personalizing sterile or cold public places”. Good explanation, too, because my first thought when seeing multi-colored tree trunkwarmers was “And….why?”.

Welllll…to make the planet a little prettier and happier in a non-permanent, non-messy way (ie. spray painted graffiti).

How can we argue with this? Planet beautification…albeit in a rather unique way.

While odd, they do seem rather comical. Trees, statues, bikes, fences (pretty much anything that can stand still) that have somehow been mysteriously (in the dead of the night?…I really want to see when this happens!) knitted into submission. You really can’t beat this for weird, grandma-style creativity.

I’m going to give yarn bombing a thumbs up, though, on nothing other than creative beautification of a space. Every time I see someone flick a cigarette butt out a car window (and yes, I do harbor the nightmarish fantasy that it will either 1. get sucked into my car via my open window or 2. somehow tumble under my car, thus setting it on fire. Call me crazy.) or drop a piece of litter, I go bananas. How have we not evolved beyond litter??

So you know, one butt backwards and two bombs forward.

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